Hotels with Electric Car Charging Points


Have you moved to a hybrid or fully electric car yet? Our staff are increasingly being asked ‘Are there electric car chargers at my Best Western hotel?’ before they book a weekend away.

As the environment becomes an urgent issue, more and more people are looking for hotels with electric car charging points. With the latest models creating less pollution and offering more and more miles per charge, it’s becoming an easier choice for many of the nation’s motorists.

Electric car ownership is increasing all the time. There were almost 265,000 models on UK roads at the end of December 2019. Although plug-in models only count for 6.3% of total UK new car registrations at the moment, that figure is only going to get bigger - especially now that the UK government have stated that all new cars from 2030 will be electric.

That’s why the need for hotels with electric car charging in the UK has also grown so much. And that’s why Best Western offers more and more destinations where you can plug-in and charge your car while enjoying your stay.

Recharge your car while you’re away

Free electric car charging at Best Western Inverness Palace Hotel & SpaWhilst you recharge at our hotel, your car can get its energy back outside. That means you’re able to easily explore the beautiful countryside and fascinating attractions that surround so many of our hotels.

Our hotels with electric car chargers remove the stress of finding a power point and give you a great base for your time away. And the number of hotels with electric car chargers is increasing all the time.

If you’re taking a long trip up to Inverness you'll be please to know that when you arrive you can recharge your car for free at Best Western Inverness Palace Hotel & Spa.

And we’ve also got city centre hotels with electric car charging facilities such as Best Western Dundee Invercarse Hotel. In fact, a significant number of Best Western hotels now have electric car charging points so wherever you drive you won’t need to worry about topping up your battery.

EV Vehicle Chargers for Business Travellers

If you depend on your vehicle for business travel then our hotels with EV chargers provide the ideal solution whether you’re selling products in the area or transporting goods in a van. By staying at a hotel with an electric vehicle charger, you’ll never have to worry about coming to a standstill while on the way to a crucial appointment or miss any deadlines as you search for a power source in the area.

Finding Best Western Hotels with EV Charging Points

So where can you find Best Western hotels with EV charging points? We’ve made finding hotels with electric vehicle chargers easier for you by building a map of all Best Western hotels that have accessible EV charging points. All you need to do is turn up, find the power source and fill your engine with energy.

What is an Electric Car Friendly Hotel?

Electric car-friendly hotels are still fairly rare in the UK. Simply put, they have a charging point on their premises where you can plug in and top up your car. We think EV friendly hotels will become the norm over the next few years as more and more people choose vehicles that are more environmentally friendly and Best Western aims to extend our EV offering to match demand.


Q. How many charging points does each hotel have?

Every hotel will have one charging point as a minimum. However, we expect to increase that number as our guests require more EV chargers.

Q. Will I have to wait long to access the EV charger?

From our experience, most of our guests can access the charger almost immediately but there may be a little delay at our busiest times such as weekend afternoons when more people arrive and require a charge.

Q. How much does it cost to charge my electric car?

Prices do vary every week, but rest assured the cost of all our EV charging points will be fair and competitive.

Q. Can I leave my car charging overnight?

We would advise against this as overcharging could lead to long term damage to your vehicle.

Q. Can I reserve an EV charging point for my whole stay?

We think that would be unfair on other guests, but you can book the charging point in advance and it should be easy to access whenever you need it.