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Have a jolly Jubilee with Best Western

Discover some of the amazing activities going on at Best Western hotels as we gear up for the Platinum Jubilee.
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This June, in communities up and down Great Britain, people will be gathering to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne. And while the official celebrations may be concentrated around the monarch’s traditional home in London, there are still plenty of ways you can get in on the act from Perthshire to Penzance. Whether you’re a street party sort of person, or if you’d prefer something a little more adventurous, Best Western hotels are the perfect place to raise a glass and have a little fun in celebration of 70 years on the throne. Let’s take a look at what some of them are doing.

York Pavilion

A blast from the past at the York Pavilion Hotel

Prepare to take a journey back in time at the York Pavilion Hotel, Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western which will be turning back the clock to welcome you to a 1940s themed afternoon tea! She may only have been Princess Elizabeth at the time, but the Second World War marks one of the first occasions when the young future Queen was seen regularly in the public eye as the Royal Family remained in London despite the danger. She also trained as a mechanic, and trained to repair and drive a variety of vehicles as part of her war service in 1945. Visitors to the York Pavilion Hotel, Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western will be treated to a traditional 1940s style afternoon tea in the beautifully decorated outdoor courtyard, as well as 1940s music to help set the scene.

But while history will be coming to live at York Pavilion Hotel, Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western this Jubilee year, it’s already a permanent resident during the rest of the year too. The hotel started life as a beautiful Georgian farmhouse swallowed up by the expanding city in Victoria’s reign, eventually becoming home to a famous local theatre and cinema magnate who brought The Beatles to York early in their career. His son is even more famous though, the legendary Hollywood composer John Barry, who was brought up in the house and went on to compose five Oscar winning scores and the scores to 11 Bond movies. History is around every corner, so where better to reflect and look back at the Queen’s long reign?

Grange at Oborne

Food and culture weekend at The Grange

There has always been an air of refinement and sophistication associated with royalty, and that’s certainly the tack that The Grange at Oborne, Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western is taking. They have a whole weekend of festivities planned, including a concert and supper as well as an afternoon tea and jazz concert the next day. The Grange at Oborne, Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western has a little Royal Family of its own, and since 2003 has been owned and managed by the Fletcher family: Karenza, Ken, Jenny, Jon, Beau & Wyn. Living close by and all pitching in to manage the day to day running of the hotel, don’t be surprised to see one or more Fletchers bustling about the place during your stay.

Located in West Dorset and on the fringes of Sherbourne, one of England’s most beautiful towns, The Grange at Oborne, Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western is already a stunning destination to take in on a normal weekend, but the Jubilee weekend is going to be something a little special. Thursday 2 June will see the hotel transformed into a concert venue, where Lynsey Docherty, Sarah Pring and Jon Valender will be presenting an hour of light opera and patriotic songs in honour of the Queen, followed by a three course meal with wine and Pimms. The next day it’s time for afternoon tea, with traditional jazz in the hotel’s beautiful garden.

Yew Lodge

Bringing the community together at Yew Lodge

Community is one of the most important parts of any Royal occasion, and whether it’s the huge crowds gathered on The Mall during the Golden Jubilee in 2002 or the many thousands of street parties that rang in the Coronation in 1953 – and that’s exactly what the Best Western Premier Yew Lodge Hotel have created with their Platinum Jubilee plans! There’s no ticketed event on their books, and instead they’ll be bringing a little of that Jubilee magic to every part of their hotel, from a glass of Pimms in the specially decorated reception for new guests, to Jubilee cupcakes in the Conference rooms and Jubilee cocktails on the menu at Marco’s New York Italian Restaurant.

The centrepiece to all the excitement is the Party in the Park in Kegworth village, which the Best Western Premier Yew Lodge Hotel is sponsoring, featuring live entertainment all day and a picnic lunch in the summer sun.

moor hall exterior

A right Royal pampering

While the Jubilee itself may be all about the Queen’s 70 year reign, there’s nothing that says you can’t look after yourself a little bit as well, which is why alongside the special Jubilee afternoon tea menu that they’ll be offering in May and June, the Moor Hall Hotel BW Premier Collection will also be offering a Right Royal Spa Experience. Each experience includes a half spa day with a gold hydrogel face mask, cream tea and glass of Prosecco! The package includes a 25 minute luxury spa treatment and after your time in The Spa, head to our cosy Lounge Bar for your cream tea and glass of Prosecco. Cream tea includes a fruit scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam and a pot of tea or coffee.

Moor Hall Hotel, BW Premier Collection has some Royal connections all of its own, though they’re of a rather more mature vintage than even Her Majesty’s. Though the original hotel building dates to 1905, the former building on the site was the home of Bishop John Vesey, who was famous for his lavish parties and frequently entertained King Henry VIII there in the 16th century. The remains of a cock and bear fighting pit are still visible on site as a reminder.

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