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Haunted hotels and their ghost stories

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, there have been some pretty ghoulish goings on in some Best Western hotels.
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Do you like a good scare?

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, there have been some pretty ghoulish goings on in some Best Western hotels

If you’re looking for a haunted hotel to stay in then look no further than these four hostelries with their very own ghost stories.

From the Grumpy Serving Girl at the Best Western Lion Hotel in Worksop to the Tax Inspector spotted at the Best Western Vine Hotel in Skegness, there are some star spooks out there. But don’t worry – our friendly Best Western staff will protect you from the supernatural guests and ensure your stay is a dream, not a nightmare.

Read on below as we highlight some of the best ghost stories from our haunted hotels.

The Grumpy Serving Girl

At the opulent Best Western Lion Hotel in Worksop you might come across Alice, a 20-year-old serving girl, wearing a cloak, who lived around 1800. Alice is a bit of a grumpy ghost – she doesn’t like change. Legend has it she hung herself when the owner of the hotel spurned her romantic advances, so we can forgive her for a little bit of ill temper.

First spotted by builders working on the hotel, she can be heard walking the floorboards and room 201 is her favourite. Alice has been known to knock things off the bedside cabinet and one male guest even said she folded his clothes! The hotel itself is an old coaching inn with magnificent beamed ceilings and open fires. Look out for Alice in the older parts of the building.

The Tax Inspector

Next we have the Tax Inspector, all the way from Best Western The Vine Hotel in Skegness. The oldest building in town, the hotel has a fascinating history and was once used by smugglers attempting to keep their bounty hidden.

When work was done to the hotel, a skeleton was found bricked up in one of the walls, with rings and buttons identifying him as a Customers and Excise officer, who possibly came a cropper at the hands of a smuggling gang. There are often ghostly goings on, particularly in rooms 23 and 8 where things are often being moved around and the radio comes on when nobody’s there.

The Dripping Ghost

At the Best Western Lord Haldon Hotel near Exeter, witnesses have reported seeing an upset and soaking wet 18th century servant girl wandering through the hotel. The story is she was made pregnant by an aristocratic house guest who drowned her in a lake in the grounds to avoid a scandal. Nice. She’s not alone in this haunted hotel and there have also been sightings of a burly man with rolled up sleeves, who appears in the window of the lounge and a young girl who might knock on your door in the middle of the night.

The Screaming Maid

Castles are a natural home for ghosts and Best Western Walworth Castle Hotel near Darlington is no exception. Head for the Library Tower on the ground floor to meet a maid who once worked in the castle. Apparently, she was the mistress of one of the lords and, you guessed it, was murdered by him when she fell pregnant. Her screams have been heard coming through the wall and she’s also been known to sit at the end of beds.

This is just a selection of the ghost stories our haunted hotels have to offer. Have the spooky goings inspired you and the little ones to become ghost hunters?

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