Accessible Hotels with Disabled Facilities

We want everyone to full enjoy their stay with Best Western and that’s why we have so many hotels with disabled facilities and accessibility throughout the building.

Our long term commitment to offering hotel disability access is a journey that continues so there are a few venues where improvements still need to be made. However, there are plenty of places to choose from that will offer an outstanding experience for people with disabilities.

Learn more about how we treat all our guests equally, the disabled facilities on offer, some of the best places to stay and how to book a room that meets your needs by using our simple Hotel Finder.

What is an Accessible Hotel Room?

When you choose a Best Western hotel room with disabled facilities you will find the things you need to make your stay easy and enjoyable.

Of course, every hotel is unique and there will be variations in terms of space etc, but in general with an accessible hotel room you can expect a number of key facilities such as disabled toilets to be available.

Walk-in, roll-in showers

Walk-in, roll-in showers at Best Western Stuart Hotel DerbyMany of our hotels offer what’s known as a walk-in or roll-in showers. These enable you to have a refreshing wash without the need to climb over steps, navigate curbs or risk slipping on wet floors. The showers provide more space meaning you can fit a wheelchair in there if necessary.

We also have wider bathroom doors to make access easy and room for carers if required. Accessible bathtub seats, raised toilets and rails in the bathroom can also help make your experience easier.

Best Western's Stuart Hotel in Derby offers accessible showers in some hotel rooms together with wider bathroom doors, so it's a perfect location for an East Midlands city break. Please make sure to indicate your requirements when booking to ensure your needs are met during your stay.

Sufficient space

Accessible bedrooms at Best Western Preston Chorley West Park Hall HotelNavigating a wheelchair around some hotel rooms can be tricky. Our accessible bedrooms are designed with the user in mind so everything can be reached without having to move furniture. That means you can truly relax in hotels such as Best Western Preston Chorley West Park Hall Hotel where you can also go on to enjoy 140 acres of beautiful wooded countryside.

You can also benefit from accessible beds with right or left transfer that make it easy to rise and shine in the morning or doze off at night. Don’t forget to tell us what size bed you need when you book. Adjoining rooms with a connecting door for carers can also be arranged.

Ground floor hotel bedrooms

Ground floor hotel bedrooms at Best Western Grimsby Oaklands Hall HotelLifts and stairs offer a challenge to some people with disabilities and a ground floor bedroom can make a stay with us even more relaxing. Many of our hotels will be able to accommodate you in this convenient position such as the spacious Best Western Grimsby Oaklands Hall Hotel where 10 ground floor rooms are available in beautiful surroundings.

Accessible facilities

Whether it’s a kettle, an iron or any other item that adds comfort to your hotel room stay, we’ll make sure they’re at a height and position that offer easy access. That means you can see in the mirror and use the wall plug to charge your phone or grab some soap without difficulties.

Will my hotel room be wheelchair accessible?

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a hotel claiming to be wheelchair friendly only to find that it’s not the case. At Best Western our wheelchair accessible hotels do exactly what they say. We have wheelchair access in our rooms and all the key areas you might want to visit such as the restaurant or bar.

Sure Hotel by Best Western Newcastle is a great example of a place that gets it right where you can also find free disabled parking and easy access to the heart of the vibrant North-East.

Our hotel finder below enables you to filter results based on your requirements – simply select ’wheelchair accessible’ hotels to list suitable venues.

Is there harness and/or hoist availability?

The Best Western group also offer UK hotels with ceiling hoists for the disabled. These handy machines are used by carers to lift people in and out of bed safely and into a chair. For some of our guests they are a must and an increasing number of hotels will provide you with a hoist on request.

Check with your destination before booking to make sure they can accommodate your needs.

Is there disabled access for hotel visitors?

As well as wheelchair access in our guests areas, we make sure it’s not just residents who can enjoy their visit to our hotels. If you’re heading to a Best Western Hotel for a wedding reception, business meeting or dinner then we’ll make sure it’s simple for you to get to your destination and fully enjoy the experience.

This includes disabled parking space availability, disabled ramps to the hotel as well as a disabled toilet in a convenient place. Our restaurants are also wheelchair friendly so you can journey between the tables without worrying about bumping into anything.

Hearing accessible hotel rooms

What is a hearing accessible hotel room? Hearing accessibility essentially means those with deafness on any scale are able to enjoy the facilities as much as anyone else. Hotels that are hearing accessible are rarer than they should be in Great Britain.

TV amplifiers, Closed Caption TV and Visual alarms can all be made available so you can enjoy your favourite show, listen to music or make sure you catch your plane at the right time in the morning. Our hearing accessible hotel rooms are available on request.

Luxury hotels with disabled Facilities

Are you looking for 4 star hotels with disabled access? There are a number of luxury hotels to choose from in the Best Western Family but we’d particularly like to recommend Murrayshall Country House Hotel in Perth Scotland.

Ramps, disabled parking spaces, roll-in showers and everything else required to enjoy a great stay is available on this 365-acre estate in the heart of glorious countryside. Book today and find out how luxury and accessibility can work so well together.

Find your accessible hotel

Use our handy map to decide where you want to go and see at a glance what facilities are available at each hotel. Enjoy your stay!