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Top tips for holidays with friends

The group chat’s set up and you’ve found a time in your diaries you can ‘all do’, it’s time to shift your group holiday plans up a gear. Follow our top tips for holidays with friends to make the most of your mates’ escape.
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Start a holiday playlist 

Nothing will get your group in the mood for a getaway quite like the perfect playlist. Rather than scouring Spotify on your own, why not challenge your friends to queue tracks too? Pick a theme and take the task as seriously or as stupidly as you like. Add Club Tropicana for Bognor perhaps (we can recommend the Beachcroft Hotel, BW Signature Collection by Best Western) or Viva Las Vegas for the bright lights of Blackpool (try the Best Western Carlton Hotel) maybe? Whether you’re driving to your hotel together or getting ready for a night out, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to hear what you’ve picked for each other and get the party started.

Book restaurants in advance 

Whether you’re a group of foodies who take joy in trying local hotspots or just want to make sure your friends don’t get ‘hangry’ between sightseeing, booking a table in advance is always a good idea. Researching restaurants is a big part of building the pre-holiday-buzz and you could end up finding a hidden gem away from the tourist haunts. Breakfast in Best Western Hotels are always a pleasure but filling your itinerary with lunch and dinner reservations is sure to go down just as well with your friendship group.

Make building your itinerary fun 

Take the stress out of choosing what to do on your trip by turning it into a competition. Ask your group to put their ideas forward for the best activities, excursions and attractions for you all to enjoy and put them to the test with a vote. Debating which option to go with is all part of the fun and will help to build anticipation for your big trip. The only thing you’ll have to sort is a prize for the deserving winner. Did somebody say the upgraded room?

Stay in separate rooms 

Energetic days out and late nights are bound to catch up with you at some point. Everyone needs their own space, especially when you’re on the go with the same people, 24/7. To make things easier on your social group try booking separate rooms. That way, you’re not always in each other’s faces and can enjoy some quiet time without feeling pressure to keep the party going. You can even try booking one of our spa break hotels and sneaking off for a massage or facial to really unwind.


Try a scavenger hunt 

If you really want to explore a new city or town, a scavenger hunt could be the unconventional answer. Search online for treasure trails in your next destination and split into teams to start a friendly competition. If you’re struggling to find a hunt near your Best Western hotel, you can always try making one of your own. Our destination guides are a great starting point to find inspiration for your bespoke challenge and cover the whole of the UK.

Don’t pressurise people to do things 

Spending quality time with friends is an essential part of a group holiday but taking the pressure off doing everything together is important too. You might want to take on a mountain bike trail while your friend prefers to browse a local art gallery, there’s no right way to holiday and time apart often adds to the experience. Going your separate ways from time to time can make for a happier trip and will give you plenty of stories to share with each other after a busy day.

Get your group holiday off on the right foot by booking with Best Western and supporting independent hotels and local businesses. Now that’s good karma!

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