Top tips for travelling with your pet

Best Western has over 100 pet-friendly hotels ready to take care of you and your four-legged friend, but we know the perfect pet-friendly escape starts long before you reach our lobbies. That’s why we’ve pulled together our top tips to make travelling with cats and dogs a breeze and to make the most of your minibreak from the very start.
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Prep your pet  

Pets make unpredictable passengers, to prepare them (and you) for your travels why not try a few practice runs in your chosen mode of transport. Whether it’s short trips by train or a few car journeys when you’d usually leave your pet behind, by getting your furry friend familiar with the sights and sounds of their travels, you can help put them at ease in time for your holiday. On the day you leave, why not take your dog for a walk or play with your cat to run down their energy and help them sleep on the journey? Try feeding your pet with a light meal before you set off, so you won’t have a to deal with unexpected tummy trouble.

Pack for every eventuality

Try splitting your packing in two, a pet-ready travel kit for when you’re on the go and everything you might need once you reach your room. Must-haves on the move should include a lead (sometimes useful for cats), pooper scooper, litter tray, plastic bags and any medicines your pet needs – disposable wipes are always handy too. When it comes to in-room entertainment, make sure you pack your pet’s favourite toys and throw in some little luxuries like grooming brushes and shampoos. Pampering your pets is all part of the holiday fun and if you’ve booked a spa break it’ll make your next treatment that little more guilt-free.

Keep home comforts close by

Booking a window seat with a table and plug, picking up snacks and warming up the car before you set off… humans love to travel in comfort and so do your pets. Giving your furry friend a carrier that they can sit, stand and lie in is the least you can do. You’ll need something well ventilated that stays secure in a car or on a train carriage and then it’s time to think about those extra touches that’ll make their journey a pleasure rather than a chore. Bring their favourite blanket and all its familiar smells and don’t forget their special treats too.

Add breaks to your journey 

Whether you’re travelling by car or train, with a cat or a dog, it’s always possible to break up your journey with scheduled stops. Look beyond service stations and connecting train stations and you’ll find pet-friendly pubs, cafes, and parks along your route where you and your furry friend get to stretch your legs and enjoy a change of scenery. Our list of dog friendly destinations can help you research pit stops before you travel and take the stress out of finding where to go, so you can start making memories right away.

Say hello at reception 

We love to see your pets check-in at our hotels. When you arrive make sure you introduce your furry friend to the team at the front desk, where we might have a few pet-friendly treats ready. We have cat-friendly and dog-friendly rooms ready to welcome all members of your family and our staff know the best local dog walks and cat-friendly cafes to help fill your time with fun. It won’t just be your pet you earn some brownie points with when you book a Best Western. Every booking you make supports our independent hotels too. Now that’s good karma! Find your nearest Best Western Hotel today.

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