Get the Best Start to Your Day

There’s nothing to beat a good hotel breakfast. Whatever you were doing the night before, the first meal of the day is your springboard for whatever comes next.

At Best Western we want to offer you the best hotel breakfast in the UK and in a large majority of our locations it’s included as part of the price as well!

Best Western independent hotels have plenty of experience in cooking up hearty breakfasts, with annual orders for popular breakfast food items stretching into the millions. We recently worked out that an average of 7,529,280 bacon rashers are served every year at our hotels, 7,985,600 eggs are scrambled, fried, boiled and whisked into omelettes and 3,753,600 sausages are cooked every year.

So, what can you expect when you take breakfast in your hotel? Full English is always an option but we also have lighter and healthy options for those who prefer a yoghurt or some orange juice to get their day going. If you love a continental breakfast then you’ll find it waiting for you downstairs after a night’s sleep.

What’s great about Best Western is that many of our hotels use locally sourced ingredients for breakfast so you get to sample the best of the regions – from sausages to kippers – when you stay with us. Each hotel is independent which means they will offer different menus but all are delicious.

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Get the best start to the day when choosing a hotel that provides the breakfast you need. We look forward to serving you at Best Western.

What’s on the Best Western Hotel Breakfast Menu?

So, what can you expect from the Best Western Breakfast menu?

As we said, what’s on offer can depend on location as our hotels are independent – one may do a continental breakfast while another has a five-star buffet. There are also different types of service due to Covid-19 ranging from room service to take-out and a typical sit-down meal. But one of the joys of our hotels is that you can eat fresh and eat local.

With our 5-star hotel breakfast buffet menu expect a luxury meal including the finest sausages, bacon and eggs. Even homemade granola. The hotel breakfast buffet menu will also be perfect if you just fancy a creamy porridge, energising muesli or some croissants with marmalade or jam. It goes without saying you’ll also be able to enjoy your favourite cuppa with freshly brewed teas and coffees available.

In short, when it comes to breakfast, if you want it then we’ve got it!

Hotel Breakfast Buffet

A hotel breakfast buffet gives you the chance to choose at leisure what you want to eat.

Best Western hotels that serve buffets will give you an extensive choice wherever you stay. This can include a selection of cereals, yogurts and toast as well as cooked favourites such as eggs, black pudding, bacon and sausages. You can control how much you eat and nobody will mind if you go back for seconds (or even thirds of it’s going to be a busy day).

We’ll set out the buffet so it’s simple to find what you want with the utensils necessary to fill your plate in a safe and hygienic way. Hotels with the best breakfast buffets are hotels that are generous and imaginative. We think you’ll find both these qualities when you stay with Best Western.

Other Types of Breakfast

Our guests are all different and have different tastes which is why we have a range of breakfasts available. A continental breakfast has items such as croissants and other pastries, cheese, juices and fruit. Items on a continental breakfast are often cold but still delicious.

A full breakfast at a hotel is always a popular option with English Breakfast classics such as sausages, eggs and bacon available in abundance. We try to make sure that these filling options are cooked as healthily as possible and use quality ingredients so you’ll be tempted to go for just one more slice of black pudding.

Some of our hotels also offer American breakfast featuring treats such as pancakes and waffles. If you’ve never tried an American Breakfast before then we’d recommend giving it a go.

Of course, for some, breakfast is not a big meal but just something to raise energy levels. If you simply want a piece of fruit or a pot of yoghurt then we’re happy to accommodate your needs. It’s your breakfast, you choose what you want.

What Time is Breakfast at Best Western?

You’ll want to know what time we serve breakfast. Every hotel is different but as a general rule you are likely to be able get something to eat from around 6am to 10.30am. That means you can enjoy a long lie in or get started early on whatever you have planned for your day ahead.

Our busiest times are usually around 9 o’clock so if you want to enjoy your breakfast in peace and quiet it might be best arriving a little earlier or later. Either way you’ll find our service to be helpful and attentive.

Breakfast Deals

Very often you will find that breakfast is included in the price of the room at Best Western. However, we value the independence of our hotels and sometimes your stay in Chester will be different from a break in Sheffield.

Look out for our hotel deals with breakfast and dinner included, there’s usually something on offer that will make your stay even more special.

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Health and Nutrition

Breakfast isn’t all about fried food and it’s easy to enjoy a healthy hotel breakfast that sets you up for the rest of the day. If you’re counting calories or following a healthy diet then why not pick up some fruit, porridge, yoghurt or other treats that keep you going without piling on the pounds?

We always do our best to make healthy options available and you can ask the team at your hotel for advice on the best options.

Breakfast Ideas to Inspire You

Why not learn from the best and pick up tips from our hotel chefs that mean you can create beautiful breakfasts in your own home

We’ve gathered some of the best ideas from Best Westerns around the country. Try one of these breakfast recipes:

Or find these great ideas gathered in one place with this article on breakfast inspiration:

Meet Your Best Western Breakfast Team

It’s always good to see a friendly face first thing in the morning and our Best Western team members entered into the spirit for a recent hotel breakfast deal that we were running – Breakfast on Us.

See the team all dressed up in their sausage, bacon and eggs finery running through the Yorkshire countryside in order to serve you up the best hotel breakfast.

Breakfast FAQs

Q. Can you go to a hotel just for breakfast?

In many cases yes. Our breakfasts are often very popular with locals and other visitors. Just check with the hotel first to make sure it’s okay.

Q. What should I wear for breakfast in a hotel?

We want you to feel relaxed at breakfast so only ask that you wear something that’s comfortable and appropriate. Beachwear is a little too casual but any other fashion choices are up to you.

Q. Can I get breakfast in the hotel room?

Many Best Western hotels do offer this option. Check the website or call ahead to find out more if you fancy breakfast in bed.

Q. Is breakfast the same at all Best Western hotels?

No, our hotels are independent meaning they offer different types of breakfast and a variety of service options. The Covid-19 pandemic has limited some options but also made hotels more creative in how they serve breakfast including takeaway or room service.