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The Room with the Best View in the World

Its official. We’ve found the best hotel room with a view – and we want to share it with you.
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From the comfort of your bed, propped up by plump pillows, the 15th century first floor bedroom enjoys uninterrupted views of the historically important 13th century cathedral across its ancient courtyard. If this were the view in Venice, Rome or Florence it would be celebrated the world over. If it was in Monaco it would be have millionaires clamouring to claim it. The room, the view and the bed with the best view in the world is actually in Wells, Somerset and it is yours to own for a night or two, if you are quick.

The view was the product of a previous owner of the hotel centuries before. He bought two cottages that stood between The Best Western Plus Swan Hotel and the cathedral so that he could knock them down, allowing his guests the unrivalled views they enjoy today.

Little did he know that his foresight would result in the Cathedral Suite being voted the Best Hotel Room in the World by the exclusive Best Western Fans’ club.

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