Pet Friendly Hotels

Take your fury friend on an adventure!

We believe family holidays just aren’t the same unless you bring the entire family, including the furry members. With over 100 independent Best Western properties proud to call themselves pet friendly – you’re not just booking, you’re booking woof!  

Our staff are perfectly placed to ensure you don’t miss out on the best local dog walk, pet friendly restaurant or day out to keep all the kids entertained. With pet friendly hotels throughout Great Britain, you’ll be spoiled for choice from chilled out coastal retreats to bustling city breaks.

Bringing your pooch? Find out more about our dog friendly hotels by clicking here.

Can’t enjoy a break without your feline companion? Find out more about our cat friendly hotels by visiting our dedicated page all about going on holiday with your cat by clicking here.


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Find A Pet Friendly Hotel Near You

We’ve built a map for you to find the pet-friendly hotel closest to where you want to stay. Just click below and get ready to book for you and your animal family.

Are there any restrictions?

Best Western pet-friendly hotels allow up to two domestic dogs in a rented room, with some hotels specifying a maximum size per animal (please check at time of booking). Other pet types such as cats, birds, monkeys, snakes, or other animals are allowed at the discretion of each property and require prior approval.

You might be charged a little more for each room with a pet or multiple pets. This is to cover the cost of the extra cleaning that might be required afterwards.

When making booking a pet-friendly hotel, we recommended that you call the hotel directly if you have specific pet related questions.

Tips for travelling with your pet

Once you arrive at the hotel take your pet on a long walk to stretch their legs, let off some energy and get used to their surroundings. It may take a little while for your pet to get comfortable in the new space but our staff will do their best to make them feel at home.

Don't forget to bring the following:

  • Eating/drinking bowls
  • Specialist food
  • Pooper scooper/litter box/plastic bags
  • Extra leash/collar
  • Treats and Toys

Pet Friendly Hotels FAQs

Q. Are pets allowed in hotels?
Not all hotels allow pets but many are happy to cater for them, including Best Western.

Q. Are all Best Western hotels pet friendly?
Whilst not all of our hotels accept pets, there are over 100 in Great Britain that are happy to let your animal stay in your room. That means you'll be able to find somewhere to enjoy your break with the extended family.

Q. How welcome will my pet be?
We welcome pets and are very knowledgeable about them. Some of our hotels have exclusive areas to walk your dogs, and many concierges can help you with recommendations for pet-friendly parks and restaurants so you can spend quality time with your animal.

Q. Are all animals welcome at pet-friendly hotels?

Obviously if you have a pet elephant then it might be a problem but, in general, most family pets will be welcome at Best Western. There may be exceptions if your pet could prove to be a danger to other guests and it's always wise to phone us before booking to discuss your needs. Typically we find guests are looking for dog friendly hotels or cat friendly hotels.

Dog Friendly Hotels

pet friendly hotel packages listingSome people are unsure if dogs are allowed in hotels. At Best Western we believe that you should be allowed to take you best friend on holiday and over 100 of our hotels not only allow dogs but welcome them with open arms.

Our dog-friendly hotels allow your pet to stay in your room and, depending on the venue, even eat with you in the restaurant. They might also enjoy a treat or two from our friendly staff who love dogs as much as you do.

Before telling your dog about you holiday plans it's a good idea to call the hotel first to make sure the staff understand your needs and can give your pet the welcome it deserves when you arrive.

Cat Friendly Hotels

People often ask if there are cat-friendly hotels in Great Britain but we can assure you that there are. In fact, there are over 100 Best Western hotels around the country that will be happy to welcome you and your feline companion.

Book a room and enjoy a break with your pet, safe in the knowledge that you can safely leave it behind in your room while you head off on a small adventure elsewhere. Our staff will ensure your cat has plenty to drink and might even pamper it a little while you're not there. That's what we mean by being cat-friendly.

Take a look at our map to find a cat friendly hotel near you. There's a whole bunch of great places where you can pamper your puss with a stay at one of our wonderful Best Western hotels. Wherever you want to go there's likely to be a cat-friendly hotel nearby.