Dog Friendly Hotels

Get away with man’s best friend – discover our dog friendly stays

If you can’t bear the thought (or cost!) of putting your beloved dog in kennels while you enjoy a few nights away, why not bring them along?

With around 100 dog friendly hotels across Great Britain, we’re sure to have the perfect place for both you and your furry friend(s) to enjoy an escape.

Choose from country escapes with plenty of space for a game of fetch and great walking routes on the doorstep, or seaside stays near beautiful dog-friendly beaches. The staff in our dog friendly hotels will be more than happy to share their recommendations to help you both make the most of your stay, and may even have the odd dog treat to hand out!

At Best Western all our hotels are totally unique, which means that the rules around canine guests vary between our dog friendly hotels. To make sure you and your pooch have the best break possible, we’d recommend calling your hotel direct and asking about any rules and restrictions for four-legged guests.

Discover Nearby Walking Trails and Parks

One of the best ways to enjoy quality time with your pets is by engaging in outdoor adventures. Research nearby walking trails, parks, and pet-friendly attractions close to your chosen Best Western location. These venues provide ample opportunities for exercise, exploration, and bonding with your pets in a new environment. Websites like BringFido can help you find the perfect pet-friendly park or activity near your hotel.

Dine at Pet-Friendly Restaurants

One of the joys of an holiday is indulging in local cuisine. Many cities offer pet-friendly restaurants near Best Western Hotels, allowing you to share the joy of dining out with your pets. Websites like PetsWelcome can help you locate nearby dining options that welcome pets.

Prioritise Your Pet's Comfort

To ensure your pets' comfort during your stay, pack familiar items like their bed, blanket, and toys to create a sense of familiarity in the hotel room. Additionally, maintain their regular feeding and walking schedules to minimize any stress.

Remember that following Best Western’s pet policies and being considerate of other guests are vital in making your stay enjoyable for everyone. Embrace the adventures that come with traveling with your pets, and create lasting memories at Best Western Hotels.



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Dog friendly hotels FAQs

Q Are all Best Western hotels dog friendly?

Not all our hotels are dog-friendly, but around 100 are, so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to booking a dog friendly holiday.

Q Do you provide dog beds in your dog friendly hotel rooms?

We ask guests to bring their own dog beds – pets are usually much happier with their creature comforts.

Q Are dogs allowed in hotel restaurants?

Some of our dog friendly hotels are happy to welcome dogs in their restaurants, however, others would prefer canine guests stick to their rooms and outdoor spaces. Please contact the hotel directly before your break to check.

Q Do you offer a dog-walking service?

No, our hotels don’t offer dog walking, however, staff may be able to recommend or put you in touch with a local dog walker.

Q Do you charge extra for dogs?

Our dog friendly hotels have their own policies regarding canine guests and some may charge a small extra fee per dog – usually around £10. This is because dogs can be a little messier than our human guests and the rooms often require extra cleaning. It’s worth speaking to the hotel directly before booking your stay so you’re fully aware of any extra costs.