Cat Friendly Hotels

There’s no need to leave your cat behind – discover our cat friendly holidays.

Your cat is a part of your family and they’re more than welcome to join you on holiday at one of our 100+ cat friendly hotels.

While cats may not be viewed as a typical holiday companion, we know many of our guests enjoy their break even more knowing that their beloved pet is waiting in the room to welcome them back from their day’s adventures. And you can rest assured that our staff will ensure your furry friend is safe and comfortable while you enjoy your stay.

At Best Western all our independent hotels are totally unique, which means that the rules around feline guests vary between our cat friendly hotels. To make sure you and your cat fully enjoy your escape, we’d recommend calling your hotel direct and asking about any rules and restrictions for four-legged guests.

Cat friendly hotels FAQs

Q Are all Best Western hotels cat friendly?

Not all our hotels are cat-friendly, but around 100 are. So, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a holiday for you and you feline companion.

Q Do you provide cat beds in your cat friendly hotel rooms?

We ask guests to bring their own cat beds, as well as any blankets or cushions – pets are usually much happier with their creature comforts.

Q Are cats allowed in hotel restaurants?

No – we ask that cats remain in their rooms, for all guests’ comfort and to ensure they remain safe.

Q Can my cat take a walk in the hotel grounds?

It’s not safe for cats to freely roam the hotel grounds, so if your pet needs some fresh air we suggest taking them out in a pet carrier or on a leash.

Q Do you charge extra for cats?

Our cat friendly hotels have their own policies regarding feline guests and some may charge a small extra fee per cat – usually around £10. It’s worth checking with the hotel you’re planning to stay at so you’re aware of all possible charges.