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by | Nov 04, 2014
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When you take a bit of time out to drink in the wonders of nature, there’s no getting away from the fact that wildlife is bizarre. And this blog is dedicated to one of the more unconventional-looking creatures; the flamingo.

Here are five amazing reasons to pay your visit to the UK’s favourite flamingo spot:

1) A flock of flamingos is called a flamboyance. Just saying that sentence out loud is something special.

2) The word “flamingo” comes from the Spanish and Latin word “flamenco” which means fire, and refers to the brightness of the birds’ feathers.

3) Despite the fact that flamingos are seen mostly wading in the water, they can fly up to 35 miles per hour. At that speed they would leave Usain Bolt in the dust.

4) Flamingos are believed to be monogamous birds that lay only a single egg each year. If that egg is lost or damaged, they do not typically lay a replacement.

5) An adult flamingo’s legs can be 30-50 inches long, which is longer than its entire body. (It’s an odd look but they carry it off well).


To see the largest flamboyance of flamingos in the UK, visit the Slimbridge Wetland Centre. If you need a lovely place to stay whilst your there, why not check out the BEST WESTERN Gables Hotel and click here. 

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