Mastercard offer at Best Western Hotels





Save 20%** off our Flexible Rates with Mastercard

MasterCard and Best Western Hotels have teamed up to give YOU an exclusive 20%** off your hotel stay.

Take advantage of this hotel booking discount on your credit card to stay at Best Western - the largest group of independently owned and managed hotels in Britain.

Every single hotel is different from the next and crammed full of charm and personality. Whether you're enjoying a well deserved weekend break away or a short break in the countryside, you'll receive a warm welcome, great quality of service and delicious food whichever of the over 260 hotels you choose.


To book using our MasterCard Hotel Offer, simply use our search tool to find a hotel or call 0800 393130. The rate will be displayed as Promotional Offer 20% off.


**Terms and conditions apply, please click for more information.


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