Hundreds of Eyes

Share your next adventure with a herd of beautiful deer roaming Best Western Whitworth Hall Hotel’s 73-acre deer park.
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Bonny Bobby Shafto. Three words that will, if you are like me, bring memories flooding back of being sung to as a child. Bonny Bobby Shafto, according to the nursery rhyme, left and went to sea but was returning home to marry me. The home he was returning to was Best Western Whitworth Hall Hotel and you too can step into Bobby’s magnificent country house and imagine the popular son of County Durham, walking back in, dropping his bags and heading straight to the lounge.

These days, if Bonny Bobby were to return home he would be greeted by hundreds of eyes staring back at him. No, not the admiring eyes of the lovelorn girls he left behind, but a herd of beautiful deer roaming the hotel’s 73-acre deer park.

The deers, like Bonny Bobby, are celebrated throughout the hotel. Watch the video below to see them in action.   

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