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Braised Fillet of Ox, Barley, Beets and Baby Veg

Winter Warmers | The Richmond, BW Premier Collection | Chef Gareth Mellor
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1 x 6oz ox cheek | Baby carrots and turnips | Baby ruby beets

1 large onion diced | 50g celery diced | 50g carrot diced

1 bay leaf | 100g pearl barley | Clear chicken stock

300ml red cooking wine | 1 head of garlic 


  1. Sauté off all the diced veg then add the cooking wine, bring to the boil and skip off any impurities
  2. Add the ox cheek to the diced veg, garlic halved and red wine ensuring the cheek is fully covered. Cover with tin foil and braise in the oven at 160c for 6 hours.
  3. Boil the barley in the chicken stock and cook until tender
  4. Cook all baby veg (except the beets) in salted boiling water then refresh in ice water (flash in boiling water as you are about to serve)
  5. For the baby beets, add them to the ox cheek pan 30 mins before the end of cooking. Then remove and peel.
  6. Rest the ox cheek and strain off cooking liquid and reduce by half
  7. Dress the bottom of the plate with the warmed barley and rest the ox cheek on top. Smother with the now thick sauce and scatter the baby veg around the plate. 

Chef Gareth Mellor

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