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6 apps for making group travel easier

Planning a trip with your mates? It can be an exciting process, picking the location, accommodation and attractions you want to visit. And the food can be a whole adventure in itself! But what happens when it comes to making the final decisions and bookings? Sometimes it’s tricky to get the whole group involved from afar. But with travel apps, it can be as easy as a few taps on a screen.
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Check out these six travel apps ahead of your next group trip for a seamless experience.

1. Howbout 

No one wants to experience FOMO, and with Howbout, you don’t have to. It’s essentially a social calendar app for keeping on track of your upcoming plans. It works a charm for group travel too. From the online chat function to calendar sharing and availability polls, Howbout makes holiday comms simple and straightforward so you can focus on the fun parts.

2. Splitwise 

When you’re on holiday, you don’t want to be worrying about who paid for what. “You got drinks, so I’ll get the cab” ring a bell? No more. Splitwise lets you track shared expenses, so payments don’t become a hassle when you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself. You can even make a group on the app specifically for your holiday and link it to Howbout – easy breezy. 

3. Troupe 

Similar to Howbout, Troupe allows you to manage your holiday details from one place, but with a custom Tripsite to amp up the excitement! Invite friends to participate in polls so you can iron out the essential details, like dates and destinations, and take advantage of the AI-powered search feature to find accommodation that suits everyone. Holiday comms made simple and enjoyable. 

4. Wanderlog 

With Wanderlog, you can manage your whole group trip and split costs straight from the app. You can use Wanderlog for free, but if you pay an extra fee, you can access your plans offline and export your itinerary to Google Maps. This can be useful if internet’s an issue or your route’s a little complicated. (We all have that directions-challenged friend!) 

5. Pluto 

Last on our list is Pluto – a travel app that displays your trips using pinboards, a bit like Pinterest. You can create a unique board for your group getaway and add itinerary ideas from food and drink to transport. The app will keep you inspired by showing you sample pinboards for popular destinations. Once created, you can share your board with friends so they can contribute too. You’ll find the visual aid really helpful in planning your trip and getting everyone excited.

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