A Driven Personality

by | Nov 04, 2014

I always like to think that a car is an extension of yourself. Even if you’re not into modifying cars, your car is still something that represents you, even if it is those pink fluffy dice that you hang from your rear view mirror, this shows a part of who you are!

But when you do like to modify cars, or even like to look at modified cars, you can see the personality come through and see how unique every car is. The personality shines through even more when you meet the owners.


This is exactly what every Best Western offers, personality in the hotels and the people within them. The
BEST WESTERN Beachcroft Hotel in Bognor Regis is a fine example of this. Situated on the coast this hotel boasts personality and rightly so. There is something about being able to see the sea from your hotel room that is so refreshing, being able to hear it calms you down and helps you relax.


Unfortunately I wasn’t relaxing for long! Players Classic car show takes place every year in the nearby city of Chichester, home to the Goodwood Racecourse. Only 6 miles away from the event, the BEST WESTERN Beachcroft Hotel was a perfect balance of location, price and relaxation for when we needed it. It’s not only the Players Classic that attracts people from around the globe to Goodwood Racecourse. Events throughout the year include the Goodwood Festival of Speed and The Goodwood Revival.

Thousands of cars turned up this year on a mostly sunny day (apart from the odd shower but that’s British weather for you!). People from as far as America came over to Chichester for this one day event and you can’t blame them, because what a day it was.


People tend to think that modified car shows are something like The Fast and The Furious with women in bikinis draped across a car bonnet with people racing in the streets. In fact, it’s the total opposite, people purely come to show off their cars and appreciate others. If they want speed, they go on the track and do it legally. Called boy racers by some, car enthusiasts by others, everyone is there to have a good time and do it safely.

Everyone here to show off their cars and appreciate others

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