Enjoy a stay at a Best Western hotel in Bath and experience all this stunning English city has to offer as well as the beautiful surrounding Somerset countryside.

Originally the site of an ancient natural spa and latterly a Georgian architectural triumph, Bath can lay claim to being one of England’s most beautiful cities. From the perfectly preserved Roman baths to the famous sweeping crescents, visitors will be impressed by its sheer grandeur. Bath is also well-situated for an excursion to pre-historical sites like Stonehenge, as well as nearby Bristol.

Book a hotel in Bath to really experience the picturesque and ancient city to the fullest. Accommodation provides easy access to the city itself, as well as the green and pleasant land surrounding it. With a choice of rooms ranging from affordable to luxurious, combined with service to the highest standards, we guarantee you memories you’ll treasure.

Things to do in Bath

Things to do in Bath

There’s so much to do when staying at a hotel in Bath. This English city's immense beauty and history resulted in it being designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. It has a long and interesting past, but it is perhaps most famous for its Roman occupation which informs the character of the city.

  • The Pump Room and Roman Baths- Originally constructed in 70 AD as a grand bathing and socialising venue, the magnificent Aquae Sulis is where the city derives its name. Rich in natural minerals, you can take a sip of the water in the Pump Room – believed to have healing properties.
  • Thermae Bath Spa – Bathe in the spa waters - just as the Romans and Celts did - in a warm open-air rooftop pool with an awe-inspiring view.
  • Royal Crescent – Stroll along the iconic Georgian crescent and take in the museum at No.1.
  • Bath Abbey – Looming above the city, this majestic medieval church was completed in 1616. Climb the 212 steps to the top for a truly spectacular view.

Shopping in Bath

Shopping in Bath

A shopping expedition in Bath provides a memorable experience with its fabulous selection of stylish boutiques, smaller indie stores as well as plenty of familiar big-name shops.

  • Milsom Place and Milsom Street – It’s no surprise that such an upmarket city has a fondness for designer brands – so if Armani, Reiss and LK Bennet are your bag, this is where to head.
  • Walcot Street and London Street – Wander down here if you’re itching to visit flea markets or for something a little more offbeat.
  • Pulteney Bridge – A fantastic Grade I listed building spanning the River Avon with swish boutiques and coffee shops lining the route.

Eating and drinking in Bath

Eating and drinking in Bath

The city is renowned for its hospitality and there’s plenty of choice when it comes to eating out or going for a drink. Look forward to wonderful, award-winning restaurants, as well as plenty of traditional pubs, trendy bars and quaint cafes.

  • Afternoon tea – This genteel English tradition is very big in Bath and there are many tea rooms catering to it. There’s no better place to enjoy a cup of Old Grey and a fairy cake with the chattering classes (Jane Austen herself was a Bath resident).
  • The Dower House Restaurant - Located in the landmark Royal Crescent, expect a fine-dining experience with attractive, contemporary British cuisine.
  • The Pump Room Restaurant – The city’s most magnificent and elegant dining establishment was at the heart of Georgian high society. Today, it remains a rendezvous point for those with a taste or the finer things.

Culture and nightlife in Bath

Culture and nightlife in Bath

The city became the country's leading centre of fashion and culture in the 18th Century and this is still evident today in the variety of theatres and art venues.

  • The Forum - This 1,700 capacity art-deco building was originally a cinema and now plays host to a variety of comedy, music and other performance arts.
  • Moles A small music and DJ venue with a big reputation. Recently recovered and re-opened after a fire closed its doors.
  • Theatre Royal - Visit here for drama, opera, comedy and various types of dance.

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