Bike Friendly Hotels

Are you planning on taking your bike on a break? Maybe you’ll use it to tour the local area? Perhaps you want to get some exercise while away, or it could simply be a better option for getting around.

Our hotel staff are being increasingly asked by customers “is there suitable and secure bike storage at my Best Western hotel?” before booking a weekend away.

The answer is often “Yes”. We understand how cycling has increased in popularity over the past few years, particularly since Great Britain started to produce Tour De France and Olympic champions in the sport. Cycling is also widely recognised as one of the most environmentally friendly ways of getting around. Who needs a car when you can have fresh air and a good workout?

The result is that the need for bicycle friendly hotels has increased tremendously and we’ve been adapting our locations to cope.

We can offer bike accommodation for you in many locations so you can get in and out of the saddle with ease. Our bicycle friendly hotels mean you and friends and family can plan your very own tour of the brilliant areas where we’re based.

Cycle Friendly Hotel Accommodation

When we talk about cycle friendly accommodation we mean somewhere where you can safely store your bike when you’re not using it. It’s not just a pole outside the hotel but a secure location that thieves can’t access. It’s important when planning a bike stay that you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your wheels are safe and secure.

Hotels that welcome cycles are hotels that value cyclists and their machines.

Cycling in the Country

Biking holidays and cyclist friendly hotelsIf you live in Great Britain then you’ve got some amazing places to explore on two wheels.

Try one of our bike friendly homes in the Lake District for miles of rolling hills, waterside adventures and challenging climbs for the more experienced.

Our cycle friendly accommodation in the Peak District also offers many options for those who want to enjoy stunning nature from the comfort of a saddle. Just park up at night and rest your legs ready for another adventure the next day.

If you fancy the highlands or towns of Scotland then you’ll find plenty of bike friendly hotels you can use as a base. Whether it’s going up and down the charming streets of Edinburgh or going on a monster hunt around Loch Ness, we can accommodate you.

Plan the Perfect Bike Holiday

Are you big on bike holidays? Use our network of bicycle friendly hotels to plan a joined-up trip.

Cycle Touring Holidays

A cycle touring holiday from hotel to hotel can be a real pleasure. Make sure you judge the distance right between hotels so you can cover the mileage in a day. In fact, make it as short as possible to spend more time enjoying the pleasures of your destination.

It’s good to do some research in advance so you know which roads are the best to travel on and find any shortcuts that might make it a simpler ride.

Check out for some inspirational route ideas in and around the UK and plan your hotel stays around the locations. Or take a different approach and simply book 2 or more great hotels within a region and use the excellent Journey Planner from Cycling UK to map your route on the move.

Mountain Bike Holidays

A mountain bike holiday is very popular with those who enjoy steep hills and thrilling descents. Our hotels can store mountain bikes as easily as any other type and you can plan a mountain bike tour route around Great Britain that takes in some of the most popular paths. You’re bound to find a Best Western close by which makes planning your mountain bike trip easier in locations such as the Lake District.

And when you’re there how about tackling the demanding Hawkshead Hilltops - 23 miles and 2706 feet of ascent starting with a steep climb on Claife Heights, before a superb descent to Hawkshead. Check out for a great list, featuring maps, route plans and where to stop for refreshments on the way.

Finding Best Western Hotels with Bike Accommodation

So where can you find Best Western hotels with bike accommodation? We’ve made finding hotels that offer secure bike storage easier for you by building a map of all Best Western hotels that have cycle friendly accommodation. All you need to do is turn up and dismount to enjoy our cycle friendly accommodation.

Bike Security and Storage

Hotels with bike storage should offer you somewhere safe and dry to store your bike. That means access is only available with a key and there is a place where you can attach your bike to something solid with your own security equipment.

Your hosts also need to be attentive to bicycle storage and be aware of any suspicious activity in the area. Best Western staff will treat your bike with care and constant watchfulness.

Bike Hotel FAQs

Q. How secure is the bike storage at the hotel?

Very little in our world is 100% secure but you can rest assured that we take the safety our guests’ bikes very seriously.

Q. Does the hotel offer a packed lunch service?

Many of our hotels will be happy to provide you with something to eat in your cycling trip. Just ask at reception.

Q. Can I bring my bike into the hotel room?

We discourage guests to do so as bikes can potentially leave messy trails around the hotel including mud and oil. However, many hotels will be happy to accommodate your request if practical.

Q. Are there any hotels near the National Cycling Centre Manchester?

Yes, we have three hotels in the Manchester area that can give you access to the National Cycling Centre.