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Summer Breakfast Ideas to Inspire

Best Western hotel chefs pride themselves on serving a good breakfast - check out their recipes
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When we’re enjoying the warmer months of the year, our attitude towards breakfast can change. The cold winter months are made for hearty fry-ups and sticky porridge but they may have less appeal if the sun is shining and you’re planning a day in the garden. That’s why we’ve asked our very own Best Western chefs to rustle up some easy summer breakfast ideas that you can try at home.

Classic eggs benedict, tasty American pancakes or homemade granola – which one will you try? Whatever you fancy to start your day, create the same warm experience that you get from our unique hotels across the country.

Take it away chefs…

appleby dartmouth
dean court George
Manor Hotel breakfast Philipburn
Reading Moat samlesbury
ten hill Tiverton
Yew Lodge Wroxton House

Finding Good Hotels with a Good Breakfast

Which one will you try? As you’ll probably know hotels with a good breakfast can play a large part in how much you enjoy your stay. At Best Western, the first meal of the day is something we serve with pride across the country, especially in the summer months when people are enjoying a deserved holiday.

Not only will you be able to try some of the recipes featured above cooked by the actual chefs, but our independent hotels serve up unique menus often featuring local, fresh produce.

That fruit in your yoghurt may have just been picked yesterday whilst the sausage could be based on a decades-old family recipe. This is why we believe we offer the best hotel chain breakfast around.

Join us for a Summer Hotel Breakfast

If you’re planning your next break with Best Western then you should be able to find the breakfast menu online together with useful information about serving times etc. Join us this summer for a delicious start to your day.

And we've always got great breakfast deals cooking. Click here for the latest Best Western Breakfast Offers plus a range of information about breakfasting at Best Western hotels from menu ideas to breakfast times.

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