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Beamish Hall Hotel, BW Premier Collection have achieved three-word beer loving perfection. A microbrewery. We share some of their best brews…
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It's every dad’s dream to one day produce their own beer. I know it was mine and my granddads before him. They dreamt of beer being brewed in their old potting sheds and when that took off, they would club together with equally fascinated and fermenting minds and try to create a new brewery.

My dad and granddad failed to achieve their daring dream. Their potting sheds housed hoes, not hops, however at the 13th Century Beamish Hall Hotel, BW Premier Collection they achieved three-word beer loving perfection. A micro brewery. With eight ales. And as is the way with all the best craft beers, each has its own story to tell. So there is every reason to sit a reasonably long time at the bar situated in the old stables and enjoy the ales’ tales. You can also take a tour of the micro brewery so you can sense and smell the ales being made. A selection of them are listed below, and if you are looking to toast someone in the bar afterwards, maybe toast John Taylor, the Master Brewer for achieving what at least in my family, was daily distraction, a dream but ultimately never provided to be the right time gentlemen please. Cheers to you Beamish Hall.  

Beamish Hall Best Bitter (3.8% ABV)
Traditional Yorkshire bitter with slight toffee and green apple flavour.

Old Miner Tommy (3.7% ABV)
Very pale golden bitter, refreshing session ale.

Bobby Dazzler (4.2% ABV)
A golden premium made from lager malt and traditional English hops.

Bell Tower (5% ABV)
Strong rich dark stock ale with dark chocolate and coffee flavours.

Beamish Burn Brown Ale (4.5% ABV)
A red north eastern style brown ale. Full bodied malty ale.

Copy Lane (4.2% ABV)
An Irish stout with coffee and dark chocolate flavours with a hint of liquorish.

Silver Buckles (4.4% ABV)
India pale ale. Light golden biscuit with a grapefruit finish.

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