The tale of the amateur brewer

by | Nov 04, 2014
The tale of the amateur brewer

Like many before me I succumbed to the urge. I was in my mid-20’s, slightly hazy, after one too many, and felt like I could take on the world. I was going to do it. No matter what my girlfriend would say, this was going to happen. I was going to brew my own beer.

The next day after a few clicks it was ordered. Ok, ok, ok. I wasn’t brewing in the real sense. It was coming from a tin, but give me a break it was my first time. The plan was set – next week I’d start the brew; fermenting for two weeks, I’d then be able to bottle into my snazzy new glass bottles.

Two weeks after bottling I arrived home from work on a Friday night. Tomorrow was going to be the day – the beer would be ready. Tonight the beers would be put in the fridge and cooled to the perfect temperature ready for tomorrow.


Today was the day. Unfortunately, I had the obligatory Saturday shopping jaunt first. Then it was here. The sun was shining, the beer cool. I took the first bottle out of the fridge and went outside. The bottle top seemed to fall into my hand. I took the first sip….. this wasn’t how it was supposed to taste. Instead of the light, refreshing taste it had promised me this had a heavy and acidic taste. What had happened? The dreams of my beers on a Tesco shelf slipped away. What had happened? All those wasted hours…. What had happened?

But I wasn’t going to let this stop me. I was determined to win. So I tried again. This time I had managed to turn an ‘aromatic, hoppy beer’ into orange gloop! That was it. I’m just going to buy the beer next time, or ask for help!



If you want to sample a much better brew than mine. The
BEST WESTERN Beamish Hall Hotel in County Durham brews several of their own beers and serves them in their  very own Pub & Restaurant, The Stables. Head Brewer, John Taylor, insists on using only the finest ingredients and time-honoured methods to produce a range of beers for traditional and modern tastes alike. And ever the recycling fanatic the yeast from the brewing process is even used in the hotels bread!

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