Nine Weird Sandwiches

by | Nov 04, 2014

When the term ‘Sandwich’ was coined in the 18th Century, the world had no idea what was in store. From what was most-likely bits of meat thrown between two pieces of bread, an entirely new culinary experience has been shaped.

It is rumoured that the sandwich started life as a humble snack designed for an aristocrat. Over the centuries it has become the cornerstone of packed lunches, light bites and global business ventures. However, in recent times the world of the sandwich has become slightly strange. Here are just nine of the strangest sandwich fillings I’ve found to be surprisingly tasty:

9) Honey and Cheese

8) Grape

7) Peanut Butter and Banana

6) Chocolate Spread with Cheese

5) Pineapple with Mayonnaise

4) Mash

3) Lasagne

2) Crisps and Ice Cream

1) Marshmallow and Bacon

Did you know that Best Western Kinloch Hotel on the Isle of Arran has it’s own bakery? (I’m not sure it caters for the above list though ;)

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