A journey from a nervous to an intrepid traveller...

by | Nov 04, 2014

London scares me…well it used to. Recently I had to make the grand journey down to the capital from little old Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. With a two and half train journey ahead of me, I waited nervously on the platform (checking my train ticket every 30 seconds, yes the train is still at 4.01pm).

As I made my way onto the train I bundled the luggage into the overhead storage. The train made tracks and off I went. Music player activated, the journey began. As I descended further and further south: Doncaster, Grantham and Peterborough, everything began to change. The landscape felt somewhat different, the train became crowded, accents were changing around me and then we had arrived. Before I knew it, I was stepping out onto King’s Cross station.

Instead of a leisurely stroll the public walking speed was set to a brisk pace. People were busy or seemed to look that way. As I made my way to the exit, paper ticket in hand, I stepped out into London…and from my point of view, not having been to London for 12 years, it’s really busy. But to my surprise this was a positive, it felt alive and I was swept up in all the excitement.


However my positivity soon turned to dread…my next challenge, the underground. Armed with an Oyster card, I made my way down the stairs. My eyes fixated on the world’s most confusing map, trying to find which ‘line’ I needed to jump on.
Never have I been in a place which is both: unbearably hot at times yet spine chillingly windy. After my first hand experience of feeling like a sardine trapped in a tin, I ascended the stairs towards the light. A brisk stroll (adapting to the London way), I arrived promptly at the hotel.

Over the next day, using the underground and negotiating myself around the bustling capital. I felt a sense of calm and confidence building within me…London isn’t as bad as I made it out to be!


The time had come to an end in London, as I made the long journey back home. I felt a sense of accomplishment and that I shouldn’t worry so much. Embrace new challenges and pushing myself in to these situations.

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