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When Thomas Graham Jackson was asked to find a way to connect the old and new quadrangles of Hertford College, he could have come up with anything. What he devised has fascinated visitors to Oxford for over a hundred years.

Completed in 1914, most people assume the bridge is so called because of a resemblance to its counterpart in Venice. But the parallels were never intended (and, ironically, the bridge in Oxford bears a much closer resemblance to the Rialto Bridge in the same city). Its true name is Hertford Bridge though, thankfully, the nickname that became popular amongst students stuck.

While making your way around the ancient streets on one of Oxford’s sharable bicycles, be sure to divert down New College Lane, stopping for the mandatory Instagram snap along the way. Depending on the time of day, you may just be able to find your way to its interior via the labyrinthine Hertford College.

This bridge is of course just one small part of a campus full of intrigue. Once you’ve taken in the Bridge of Sighs from all angles, you’ll find yourself within walking distance of the Radcliff Camera, All Souls College, Wadham College and Trinity College.

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