Write a new chapter at Newstead Abbey

Inhabit a world of romantic poets and gothic mystery with a trip to the evocative Newstead Abbey.

Once a 12th century Augustinian priory, the Abbey is best known as the home of Lord Byron – the daring, swashbuckling poet from the 1800s once described as “the most dangerous man in the world”.

Byron lived at the Abbey for six years and here you’ll find many of his personal items including letters, pistols and the writing desk where some of the era’s most enduring verse was penned.

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Surrounding Newstead is over 300 acres of parkland – perfect for a memorable walk with plenty to explore among its walled gardens, Japanese waterfalls and beautiful plants. The local wildfowl live here so you’re likely to have a chance encounter with a peacock or inquisitive goose. Look out too for the monument erected by Lord Byron for his dog, Boatswain.

There’s a range of tours available and, like all Great British attractions, there’s a trusty café to sit, enjoy a cup of tea and mull over what you’ve just experienced.

To quote Lord Byron himself, Newstead Abbey is a place where life's enchanted cup sparkles near the brim.

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