Nottingham - What's under the hood?

There’s a lot more to Nottingham than Sherwood Forest’s most celebrated outlaw. It’s a long time since Robin Hood and his Merry Men carved out their place in international folklore – and this East Midlands’ city has been busy in the meantime.

The Nottingham of today is a bustling, modern, fascinating city. Go for the history, sure, but you’ll stay for much more in between.

Not that you won’t want to revel in the legend. We can’t be sure the Prince of Thieves resided in the area but you’ll find plenty of nods to his exploits, and chances to visit the streets and forests where he may have roamed.

Fancy going underground? Known as the City of Caves, miles of medieval sandstone tunnels exist under Nottingham dating back to medieval times, most recently used as shelters in World War II. Take a trip and explore for yourself.

Sports fans will feel an immediate connection with the city dubbed ‘Queen of the Midlands’. Many will have spent a summer’s day at Trent Bridge, home of many memorable international cricket matches, while stories of past glories at Nottingham Forest and the oldest professional club in the world Notts County are hard to avoid.

Foodies won’t be left out either – Nottingham’s several hundred eateries sprawl throughout a thriving curry quarter, reaching a Michelin-starred dining experience at Sat Bains on the outskirts of the city.

Getting around couldn’t be easier, with an award-winning transport network that helps you tick off the quirky shops, theatres and smaller independent venues dotted across the city. With its large student population, Nottingham is buzzing with a vibrant night life – with live music to suit all tastes.

Nottingham’s a city with a spring in its step. Book your room at our unique Best Western options locally and prepare to have your eyes opened.

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