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Are you a keen photographer looking to get into wedding photography or has your friend asked you to be their ‘unofficial’ snapper? Well, here are some hints and tips from the professionals to help you capture the best pictures and get your business off to a flying start!


1.)   “The key to fulfilling any creative brief is to truly understand what the client requires. Most wedding couples (even the most laid back) will have seen pictures they like and have a rough idea about appropriate styles of shots. Some weddings are more portrait focused where the bride and groom want some fantastic shots of themselves where as others just want a few candid shot of themselves enjoying the day. It’s important from the off to know what the couple want. The rest is up to you……. ”



2.)   practice, practice, practice, and make sure you have backups in case of equipment failure on the day.



3.)   Any aspiring wedding photographer is already going to be filled with passion for photography, which is one of the key attributes to getting fresh and unique images. They will have studied images from those already in the market place, gained experience as a second shooter at a variety of weddings beforehand and will have visualised themselves acting as lead photographer and how they fit in with minimum distraction at a wedding. For me, the one piece of advice before shooting a wedding on your own is to have a back-up replacement of every bit of kit you use to shoot a wedding. That means at least 2-camera bodies, a replacement for your most important lens, extra batteries, lots of memory cards, multiple flash guns and all the relative insurance. Once you are fully ‘backed-up’ you’ll be able to shoot a wedding with extra confidence and peace of mind that you’re fully prepared to exceed the clients expectations.



4.)   It’s a challenging time for aspiring Wedding Photographers as there are already many thousands throughout the UK.

Tips for success are

  • Do your research – find out about the quality/quantity of Wedding Photographers in your area
  • Draft a Business Plan
  • Volunteer your services as an assistant/helper to an already successful Wedding Photographer. No matter how good your photography is – nothing prepares you for the speed and pace of a wedding – except a wedding
  • Buy the best lenses you can afford. You take the image, the camera records it, but it is really the lens that makes the difference. Avoid kit lenses.
  • Ensure your website is appealing and easy to navigate
  • Learn all you can about Search Engine Optimisation
  • Market yourself shamelessly!

Sue Hodge


Have these tips answered all your wedding photography questions or do you have some tips of your own? If you do have any other tips to help budding photographers let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Great advice. Becoming a successful wedding photographer takes time, it’s a long journey but is worth it if you put the time and effort in!

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