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“Room 512, yes. You’ll be as quick as you can won’t you?”
Sandra replaced the phone and surveyed the room. She didn’t want anything embarrassing on display. Wet towels, dirty cups, stuff like that. Her nightdress lay draped over the chair. Should she undress, put it on now and slip her bathrobe on or put it away? She decided to leave it where it was.
Nervously she paced the room. Would he come? Ringing again would appear desperate. Once again her eyes scanned the room and came to rest on the bed. The duvet was half turned down ready for when he arrived. A shiver ran down her spine just looking at the crisp white sheets. In a few minutes she should be lying between them but the thought made her heart skip and she dismissed it.
She glanced at her watch. How long was it since she rang? It can’t take him that long to get here surely? Pacing the tiny space was making her dizzy so she sat down. No, not the bed. The chair would be fine. Throwing her nightgown on the dressing table she slumped down.
Tap tap. “Hello!”
She almost stumbled as she hurried to the door.
“Sorry I took so long,” he said. “I got caught up with…”
“Never mind that,” she interrupted. “Over here, quickly.”

She led him to the bed and lifted the cover. The tiny eight-legged creature was still there. Hardly bigger than a fivepence but menacing nevertheless.
“I know it sounds silly but I’m terrified of them,” she explained.
“No problem,” said the hotel valet.
He gently scooped the offending arachnid up in his palm and turned to leave.
“I’ll take the little fellow downstairs and release him into the ornamental gardens. Any more intruders – just call me.”

By Keith Havers

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