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Recycled Present

Recycling this year’s presents!

Now don’t go denying it – you have done it and you’ll keep doing it – the box of Thornton’s chocs, the Boots 3 for 2, the cocktail making kit, the fondue set, the olive oil and balsamic dipping set… they all go in the ‘re-gift’ pile in the bottom draw with the random pieces of ribbon, roll ends of wrapping paper and panic buy presents. 

I don’t think anyone should feel bad about this. It’s better than never using them isn’t it? And you have to consider that for every gift you don’t re-gift there must be some really great ones that never reach the relegation pile.

I’ve never re-gifted a weekend away, an iPad, an expensive piece of jewellery or an item of clothing from French Connection (although I have exchanged but that’s different!).

Recycling the unwanted gifts is giving them a chance to be loved – or passed on again – just be sure to remove all cards/labels that might give you away – re-gifting is acceptable but being busted is pretty awkward (yes I speak from experience).

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