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Christmas Decorations

Light up, light up

So, the time has come to deck the halls and all that jazz, but when it comes to Christmas decorations there seems to be 3 main camps – the bah humbugs, the middle of the roaders and the all out exhibitionists.

Being a middle of the roader myself I can’t say that I have been involved in any Christmas decoration turf wars but I understand that the quest to completely cover your house in flashing lights, reindeer and snowmen can be an extremely expensive affair!

Although I may not be an all outer, my home city of York has (in the past) been voted the most Christmassy city in GB (woohoo!), so I feel this is good enough to make up for my mediocre efforts. In fact there is a street in York that has been covering their houses and gardens with twinkling lights and outdoor Christmas décor for 10 years, raising over £45,000 for charity – charity really does start at home!

Now that Christmas is nearly upon us, let me know what’s the most Christmassy house, street or even town you have seen – I might take some tips for next year!

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