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Remember when mobile phones cost more than a family holiday and the privilege of owning one forced you to drag a battery pack round on a trolley? Fortunately times have changed: today, rather than wheel batteries around you can be wheeled around on batteries. Battery powered cars are here.

Technology seeks innovators and drives revolution. Is it any surprise then that Best Western is the first hotel chain in the UK to create a charging network for electric cars? After all, they were the first to offer guest Internet across their entire portfolio in the UK. Back in ‘the good old days’ industry experts, in a similar way to questions about the benefits of electric cars, questioned the move.

electric car

With 50 hotels already EV ready and over 50 more due to be before the end of September, Best Western are the go to group for electric car charging. Working with Zero Carbon World, Best Western will increase the charities network of locations by 35%. Becoming the first hotel chain in the UK to offer this service is a massive boost for electric cars.

We need to find alternative solutions to personal transport. Oil is running out and climate change is a foreboding inevitability if we don’t recognise that change is needed. Investment from major manufacturers in electric cars totals billions. The UK government has invested £400 million to help push the boundaries for the modern electric car.

Build it and they will come, indeed. With government estimates of 1.2m electric cars on the roads before 2020 the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) wants 120,000 publicly accessible charging stations before this date. It will, as usual, be the innovators that electrify the future.

With Best Western, you can already rest and charge. Guests will be able to drive an electric car into a hotel car park and plug it in, either overnight or while they enjoy a meal, afternoon tea or spa treatment. You’ll need an electric car of course, but don’t worry if you don’t have one already you will one day soon. They are cheap to run, full of technology, fun to drive, have no road tax, zero emissions and now available for the mass market.

You can even try one out right now through one of the many rental schemes that are popping up all over the UK. Whether that is taking a Twizy through the Welsh countryside of renting an Ampera and driving from London to Cumbria, there is a whole new electric world waiting for you.

What’s stopping you?


  1. OK – I’ve got an electric car and I need to travel from Edinburgh to Cambridge on business. Can I buzz from one Best Western hotel to another charging en-route?

    Could you recommend which Best Western Hotels I should stop off at?

    Is there a Best Western with EV charging facilities in Cambridge that I can stay over?

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  3. Surely there must be a map of all BW hotels with charging points?

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