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We’ve got the XFactor

I honestly think that Simon Cowell is slowly but surely taking over the world. Not only has he taken over the TV until at least Christmas with the XFactor, XFactor live show and XFactor Karaoke, he has now launched an official XFactor magazine – so you cannot even escape it in Tesco!

British folk love a good talent show and I have to agree that although the bad acts make me cringe, I cannot help but watch them – it’s car crash TV at its best. How come so many people think that they can sing? I love to sing along in the car, but as for putting myself through the ordeal of being rejected so publically I’d rather not. Waiting in line to be picked for the netball team at school was bad enough!

The show does take me back to earlier this year when I scoured the country looking for talent for Best Western’s Britain’s got Personality tour. For three weeks I braved the British weather, building a stage on which hopefuls would showcase their talent. I was very impressed by the ability of many of the acts who came along, all trying to win a contract with a talent agency. Of course there were a few who could not sing (or even tell a joke for that matter) but even they gave it their all making the whole experience fun for all who turned up on the day.

The winner was Teresa De Roberto from Birmingham who wowed the audience at the Bullring shopping centre with her rendition of “The Impossible Dream” – such a classic! (I think we are sure to see her rise to stardom in the near future). It was here that some of the XFactor crew came along to watch the acts, hoping to steal a few of our contestants for the show.

If you want to see any of the acts from the five auditions across GB then take a look at them at – I will let you make your own mind up as to who would be your winner!

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