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Country Walk

Walk on the wild side

OK. Lou Reed wasn’t talking about walking in the wilds of the British country side, which is what I have been doing.

According to Fiona Reyolds of the National Trust we should all be doing it – especially if you are a ‘city dweller’. Dame Fiona would like to see doctors prescribe country walks. (Guardian: Saturday 30 October)

I wonder if similar thoughts were going through the minds of the founders of the Ramblers Association 75 years ago. The Versailles Treaty was violated that year! So it must have been a threatening period for our country. So why would people be thinking about setting up an ‘association’ to celebrate wondering round the countryside? Do you know?

Back to my walking. The best one this year was Cat Bells in the Lake District. Which is strange because I don’t like busy walks and this is a really busy walk. But that is why is was so good. We met so many people from so many parts of the world.

I have just got back from Boston. Lots of people go to that part of the world to see the colours of the Fall. Visitors are called ‘leaf peepers’. This autumn at home has been as good as any New England Fall. I have had two walks this weekend. Not many people about. And the colours have been just fantastic. Maybe Dame Fiona is onto something although I am not so sure about putting pressure on people to walk. Maybe the National Trust and the Ramblers Association should get together and talk. What do you think?

Although 1935 must have been a year where people were wary about the future something else happened that year that would affect Lou Reed and millions of other people. Elvis Presley was born on January 8.

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