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Twitter Competition

To mark the launch of our ‘Where stories happen’ up to 20%* off summer promotion we would like to ask YOU to create your very own Twitter short story (and the chance to win a great prize)! We have started the story off for you by providing the first line and now it’s up to you! A line a day will be chosen from all your suggestions by @BestWesternGB to create the next part of the plot!

To add your daily suggestion for the next line of the story, just begin your tweet with:

 ‘your suggestion for the next part of the story @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller’.

Here is the story so far:

Starting line: It was a sunny Monday morning the day before the longest day of the year and things were just starting to get @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

Day 1: busy ahead of the re-opening of the pier. Nobody noticed the silhouette of a ship on the horizon @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

Day 2: which seemed to limp towards land. As the ship got closer those on the pier were shocked by the scene on board @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

Day 3:  the sails were torn, the bow battered and nothing on board but a colony of ….. @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

Day 4: …dogs. They were shivering in a huddle in the middle of the deck, surrounded by… @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

Day 5: debris and detritus from the bottom of the sea. All at once they started @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

Day 6: barking frantically. Those watching realised that the ship was on a collision course with the pier. Everyone @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

Day 7: watched in shocked silence, rooted to the spot for what seemed like minutes, until a teenage boy yelled …… @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

Day 8:  in pain. He clasped his hands over his ears to block out the excruciating…@BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

Day 9:  high pitched shrieking. The noise got louder & louder in the boys ears, but only he seemed affected. Suddenly…@BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

Day 10: there was silence. Total silence. Even the seagulls on the cliff were quiet. The ship @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

Day 11: stopped moving and the boy fell to his knees. There was….. @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

Day 12:  no hope left for anyone now. The whole town knew that @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

Day 13: the mission had been unsuccessful. The only thing they could do now was … @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

Last line: ..hope that the centuries-old curse put on the town by the canine god Anubis had now been lifted. @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

Story time will run from Monday 20th June until Monday 4th July when we will (hopefully) have a complete short story!

The completed Twitter short story will be printed in the next edition of our Do Not Disturb In-hotel Magazine and one lucky story teller will be picked at random from all entries over the 2 week period to win a 2 night dinner, bed and breakfast break in a Best Western hotel.

If you can’t wait to see if you have won our free break and need to get away from it all now, take a look at the great rates on offer in our summer promotion.

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  1. The ship was full of people who had strange faces, who are these people?

  2. which could have just come out of the film Pirates of the Carribean. To everyones amazement

  3. love to win

  4. Guardian Angels, they called out loudly to the shore, please take them to safety, they are the last of there kind

  5. Growling and barking moving round in circles not sure what was happening @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

  6. “evacuate the Pier. Armed men on board ship, take cover” his voice trembling with terror @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller’

  7. sound of metal on metal as the boat strikes the Pier supports @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller’

  8. he collapsed to the floor as the boat struck the Pier. All hell let loose as the dogs made their escape into the icy waters along with a few swarthy young men @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

  9. A huge crash followed and the dogs made their escape into the icy water along with two swarthy young men @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

  10. He collapsed to the floor as the boat struck the Pier. All hell broke loose @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

  11. had come to a stand still at last. The dogs racing from the ship to the pier seemed to be following the scent or the noise of

  12. collided with the Pier and all hell broke loose. The dogs made their escape plunging into the icy water @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

  13. collided with the Pier and all hell broke loose. Hundreds of dogs plunged into the icy water @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

  14. Stunned silence as the ship destroyed the pier as a woman knelt down to attend the boy. Then suddenly

  15. This was It , the day the whole town had live in fear of the day that……….

  16. wait until the clock struck midnight. They would then see whether it was man or wolf. They could only somehow..

  17. wait until the clock struck midnight. They would then see whether it was man or wolf. They could only somehow.. @BestWesternGB #BWBestSeller

  18. When is the winner being picked at random? Thanks

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