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The big match

It’s the war of the roses all over again between Richard Tyas, General Manager,  BEST WESTERN PREMIER Mount Pleasant Hotel, Yorkshire, and Terence Southward, General Manager of the BEST WESTERN PREMIER Leyland Hotel, Lancashire.


Best joke about Lancashire
A Preston man buys two horses and he can’t tell them apart. So he asks the farmer who lives next door what he should do. The farmer suggests measuring them. The Preston man comes back triumphantly and says: ‘The white horse is two inches taller than the black horse!’

Best place to go at 1am
For me it has to be the moors near my house in Penistone, South Yorkshire. You get very clear skies and there is no light pollution so you can see stars clearly. Nothing beats that peace and quiet, and the only noise you might hear is me talking to the deer.

Best place for a hangover
Best place to get one is probably on a night out with me! But nothing beats a good breakfast at a greasy spoon café on the A638 and a ‘hair of the dog’ drink (if you’re not working!).

Weirdest place in the county
Some people would say Barnsley my home ‘tarn’, mainly because of our mini Yorkshire ‘ism’ language, ‘but thus nowt rong wi it’.

Best local speciality
Butterscotch was invented in Doncaster. According to ‘Housewife’s Corner’ in an 1848 newspaper, the real recipe is ‘one pound of butter, one pound of sugar and a quarter of a pound of treacle, boiled together’. What makes it different from toffee is the length of time it’s boiled for.

Who is the local hero
There are a few! Thomas Crapper is credited with popularising the modern flushing toilet, then there’s footballer Kevin Keegan, who was born in Armthorpe near Doncaster, Jeremy Clarkson (his great-great-great -great grandfather invented Yorkshire’s famous Kilner storage jar) and the deep-voiced actor Brian Blessed, who was born in Mexborough.

Richard Tyas – BEST WESTERN PREMIER Mount Pleasant Hotel, Doncaster – So why should people stay at your hotel? 
‘The hotel is a fantastic place. with our wondrous beds, splendid bathrooms, orgasmic food and fabulous cocktails, it’s one of ‘Yorkshire’s Finest secret hotels’. To book contact 0845 263 7407


Best joke about Yorkshire
A Yorkshire man says to a jeweller: ‘Can tha mek us gold statue of yon dog?’ Jeweller: ‘Aye, reckon I can, does tha want it 18-carat?’ Yorkshireman: ‘Nay, I want it chewin a bone, you daft begger!’

Best place to go at 1am
I’d say Preston – the nightlife merits a visit in itself, there’s always only a short walk to the next lively spot, plus lots of Indian restaurants open late to finish off our night.

Best place for a hangover
It would have to be sat on Blackpool Beach with the famous tower behind you, the faint screams of delight from people plummeting down the Big One over at the Pleasure Beach and a brisk north-easterly wind blowing against your cheeks – what hangover?

Weirdest place in the county
Lancaster Castle, originally built in 1150, later additions include the Well Tower, more commonly known as the Witches’ Tower because it was used to incarcerate the accused of the famous Pendle Witches Trial of 1612. It was then a prison, and now it offers guided tours!

Best speciality
A toss-up between Blacksticks blue cheese and our famous Bury black pudding! Only somebody from Yorkshire could be daft enough to let this fine delicacy slip through their fingers! Black pudding or ‘blutwurst’ first arrived in Yorkshire with European monks, before travelling across the Pennines and becoming known as black pudding.

Who is the local hero
I suppose most people would know Andrew Flintoff ut, personally, I think Nick Park with his four Acadamy Awards overshadows Freddie’s Ashes heroics. Nick was born in Preston and is best known as the creator of Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep, which you can also find stood in the lounge of our hotel.

Terence Southward – BEST WESTERN PREMIER Leyland Hotel, Lancashire – So why should people stay at your hotel?
‘It’s truly unique and serviced by a wonderful team of people right in the heart of Lancashire. It is worth the trip to sit in our 10ft chair!’

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  1. You just can’t beat Blacksticks Blue Cheese…..and Scotland is the only place for Black Pudding !!

  2. Having just stayed at The OLD MILL at Ramsbottom.(Lancashire)..I can say with honesty, what a great Best Western treat it was !, Amy in the bar (helping out from Reception) what a lovely girl with a great personality…The food was as they say to die for…The pool was relaxing, everything else was GREAT..give it a go !!

  3. As a yorkshireman, it has to be Yorkshire I’m afraid.

  4. Lancashire does it for me!!

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