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Flower Arrangement

Summer Bestseller Competition Entry

Stefan was a successful man. People thought lack of height may hold him back, he proved them wrong by dragging himself up the flower-arranging ladder by sheer will and chest hair. He had everything, until he met Cherry. A beautiful, mysterious girl. There was a space on his flower arranging show, The PH Level, Stefan had to have her. She was a massive hit. People couldn’t wait to see her next floral display.

But Stefan’s green fingers were twitching. He needed something else and that was a new topiary-based show in Liechtenstein! Of course Cherry joined him. So Cherry left The PH level to join Stefan’s latest creation, Born to Prune. Her hair meticulously styled as an Aardvark, drew gasps of appreciation. Though her decision to mix Ivy with privet was questioned.

But something was about to put a rat in the compost heap. Stefan’s phone rang and his blood ran cold.“ We need to talk to be sure” Nobody knew Stefan owed his success to a small man in a green hat and shiny boots. He’d met the leprechaun years earlier and been given magical abilities. Everything he planted bloomed, everything he arranged was breathtaking.
There was a catch. Everyone knew the leprechaun, he was seen as a bit of a joke. He put arrangements together that people found hard to look at and smelled quite offensive. But no one knew that he was the power behind Stefan’s throne.
“Well, it seems that you have forgotten about me” he said. “No of course not!” Stefan exclaimed, though he knew that since he met Cherry, their pact had slipped his mind.“ She will have to go, or you will be back to mowing lawns ”So cherry was gone and the leprechaun joined the show. The truth was never known.

By Christina Connolly

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