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Summer Bestseller Competition

To mark the launch of our ‘Where stories happen’ summer promotion where you can get 15%* off 2 night stays and 20%* off 3 night stays to kick start your summer story. Not only do we want to offer you a great discount, we also want to give you the chance of winning a 2 night break for 2 people including dinner and breakfast!

To be in with a chance of winning this great prize we want you to write a summer bestseller of your own!

Just click on the submit a news article button on the Best Western GB blog and write a short story of no more than 300 words. All submitted stories will be shown on the Best Western Blog and the winning story will be picked by the panel of Best Western bloggers (bribes will be accepted!).

The competition will run from Monday 20th June – Monday 4th July so get scribbling and good luck!

If you want some inspiration check out our ebook!

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  1. I watch her from my bedroom window, the woman I love more than anything else in the world, and I feel my heart breaking. I am losing her. I feel it, I know it. Tears prick my eyes as I watch her with him, laughing loudly in the mid-morning sun. She does not know I see her, but my eyes are keen and I miss nothing: The tender looks, the gentle touches, the affection that lightens her face when he looks at her. Jealousy rips through me like a knife through butter. It won’t be long before she tells me that there’s no room in her life for me anymore, that I will have to leave.
    The clouds move across the sun and she is cast in shadow, but I still hear her soft dulcet tones. She is talking to him. She does not know I hear her every word. She tells him she loves him. My heart sinks and the tears begin to flow unchecked. It is time for me to go.
    I have been such a fool. Why did I not see the signs? They were all there: Her recent absence, her sudden weight loss. Of course she still kisses me, holds me, tells me I am her Number One, but the guilt in her eyes when she goes to him is unmistakable.
    I begin to pack. I need to get away; the pain is too great.
    She leaves me leaving.
    “You love him.,” I say. My voice breaks with emotion.
    “I love you both,” she says, hugging me. “But he’s just two weeks old, he needs us to protect him, care for him. You’re four, a big boy now. You can help me.”
    From her arms he smiles up at me. He’s not so bad really.

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