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Some pet-friendly travel tips

Britain isn’t just a nation of animal-lovers. With its sweeping beaches, misty moors, heather-tipped glens, ancient woodlands, leafy parks and ornamental gardens, Blighty is the perfect destination for pet-owners holidaying with their four-legged companions.  And with 109 pet friendly Best Western Hotels reaching from north to south, you and your pet can be sure of a warm welcome whether you’ve come for walkies or just for some rest and relaxation.

If you’re planning to holiday with your pet, just read on for some pet-friendly travel tips from the experts at – where you can book cheap train tickets or car hire and earn loyalty points without paying a booking fee …

  • Make sure your pet is travel-ready …

Before you travel, make sure that your pet is in a fit condition to comfortably make the journey. Pets that are old, pregnant, ill or recovering from surgery may be more comfortable staying at a kennel and should only travel on the advice of your vet.

Pets who are skittish, new to travelling or don’t usually travel well shouldn’t be fed immediately before travelling, as this could cause them to be sick. Familiar blankets and toys could, however, help to comfort and de-stress your animals in lieu of treats or snacks.

If your pet is fit to travel then remember to bath them and trim their nails before you head off. Bathing and brushing your pet will help  to keep your new accommodation looking and smelling fresh, while trimming your pet’s nails will help to make sure that they won’t damage any upholstery or carpets.

It’s also important to remember to swap choke, pinch or training collars for safety collars that attach with Velcro or elastic while you travel.

  • Remember to bring …

Bringing some creature comforts along with you can help your pet to settle in their new surrounds, making holidaying more enjoyable for the whole family. So, before you travel, remember to pack …

–       An old blanket to cover the seat your pet will be travelling on and to cover the bed or floor at your hotel

–       Some pet bedding

–       Travel-friendly food and water bowls

–       Some pet food pouches

–       Bottled water for your pet to drink while travelling

–       Treats and toys

–       Baby wipes to wash mucky paws

–       A brush or comb

–       Any medication needed

–       Tweezers in case anything gets stuck in their paws or fur

–       Waste removal bags for dogs and a litter tray for cats

–       Contact details for the closest vet’s practice to  your hotel

  • Factor in some rest stops …

It’s important to account for toilet breaks while you plan your trip. If you’re travelling by car, try to stop every 3 hours for a toilet break and walkies. And if you’re taking the train, it might be a good idea to book a journey with a stop-off or connection rather than taking a direct route. It’s often cheaper to travel this way, and it means your pet won’t be caught short on public transport.

Where will holidaying with your pet take you this summer? Do you have any pet-friendly travel tips to share?  Please leave a comment and let us know …


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