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Sally’s Short Break

Sally kicked off her shoes and sat down on the bed and took in her surroundings – a beautfilly decorated and comfortable hotel room. When she had checked in that morning she felt a pang of regret that Charles couldn’t be there to share it with her. But then Charles had never liked the idea of hotels, holidays, or short breaks aways from home. Charles liked to keep a tight hold on the purse strings – “We have a perfectly good house Sally”, he’d always say – “no need to go elsewhere”. “You have a perfectly good coat Sally”, he’d say, “no need to buy a new one”. She had fancied getting a little laptop and going “online” like her friends had but he’d said she was “too old for that sort of malarky”.

But now Charles had passed away – suddenly and silently in his sleep – something to do with his heart the coroner had said, and due to all those years of living a dull and frugal life, Sally had found that in the bank sat a tidy little sum. Quite a fortune in fact – enough to give her the chance to live the life she’d always wanted.
She gave a little sigh, opened her handbag and removed a small package of powder, took it into the smart ensuite and flushed it down the toilet. Goodbye Charles – she whispered. Leaving her room she walked down to reception and booked a taxi to the nearby shopping mall, thinking how lucky she was. And how lucky that she had found the free computer access in the local library, which enabled her how to research “fatal poisons which cannot be traced in the bloodstream after death”……..

By Linda Hine

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