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Recession Sports

Joining a golf club is expensive. Buying the gear is expensive. Is ‘footgolf’ the answer in these financially stressful times?

Footgolf was invented eight years ago in a cottage garden near Bridport, Dorset. Two sports-starved men used a deflated football and the garden’s natural contours and hazards (trees, fences, flowerbeds) to create a ‘course’. The idea was to use as few kicks as possible to reach the ‘hole’ – in this case, a child’s seaside spade impaled in the grass. Par was set according to the length of the course and the difficulty of the hole.

The two men soon realised the potential of the new game as inventor John Burbage explains: ‘as long as you have a vaguely spherical object and one functioning leg, you can play footgolf anywhere.’ Tournaments have been held in streets (lampposts and road signs as the ‘hole’), offices and even living rooms.

Bookmakers are currently weighing up the odds of footgolf becoming an Olympic sport by 2028.

By Mark Jones, Do Not Disturb (In-hotel Magazine)



  1. Weve had Frizzeby golf, craze golf, why not footgolf, it sound a bit like “near th pin” for the hole to count, would this be dustbin lid size?

  2. Footgolf is gaining in popularity around the world and will soon have its first World Cup in Budapest, Hungary in June 2012. Check out the to learn more. There are more than 19 countries with organized leagues and many more interested. Footgolf combines the social aspects of golf with the international love of soccer forming one of the most exciting sports of all times.

  3. I understand that the first professionally built course is scheduled to be opening this year at One Stop Golf in Hull

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