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About four years ago, motorsport literally drove me round the bend. The words ‘Grand’ and ‘Prix’ meant my Sundays for the next eternity (or so it seemed) were a write off. I knew as soon as the F1 began that I was not to make any plans as a couple between the time the commentary began to the podium.

The remaining 45 minutes of the day, however, were mine to do whatever I pleased. Alright, so I’m exaggerating. Slightly.

But then, something changed. I don’t know if the drones of the cars were actually hypnotic but I started to take an interest in the races.

I think it must have been the 2008 finale which saw Lewis Hamilton win the Championship by the skin of his teeth that began to convert me. I found myself on the edge of the sofa and saying to myself I’d watch from the beginning of the next championship and give it a fair chance.

Looking back, perhaps my novice questioning in the early stages of my interest was annoying to an avid fan: ‘If this is a race, why is the car with the flashing lights going so slow and holding everyone up?!’

OK I wasn’t that bad (I don’t think). But, I soon learned the lingo and, dare I say it, I now actually look forward to it on the occasional Sunday afternoon.

Last  weekend (8th – 10th July)  the 2011 Formula One Santander British Grand Prix came home to Silverstone.

Did it grind your gears or were you all revved up to watch it?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not professing to be a mechanical expert. I might not know my ABS from my DRS from my CFRP yet and I probably never will. And, admittedly, I sometimes just tune in early to get a glimpse of Scherzinger who likes to get her face in on the action and the other celebs milling around before the start of the race (but don’t tell Johnny that – he just thinks I’m keen).

But Silverstone is the ‘home of British motorsport’ and the place Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton really want to perform. Hamilton told the BBC; “What we really want is a British one-two”.

Rule Britannia to that!

So, it wasn’t the great British victory that we all hoped for but we’re not out of the race yet!

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