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My Big Fat Royal Wedding

As a bride to be, I’m lapping up anything to do with the Royal Wedding. I’m even holding out on making decisions about the flowers and my hair and make-up just to see how Miss Middleton has hers. Sad I know, but if it’s good enough for our future princess…

But oddly, I do feel I have some affiliation with her. OK, so I don’t have the Beckhams on my guest list but I do have a groom who starred in Byker Grove, an usher that has won the Weakest Link, and a guest who cuts Paul Robinson’s hair (no, not him off of Ramsay Street with one leg, the goalkeeper kind).

Oh who am I kidding.

I just love how it is really rousing the British spirit in us all. The street parties, the flags, the jam tarts, and of course, the weird and wonderful items of memorabilia some of us rush out to buy. Although, I can’t say I’m at this stage. Yet.

This Royal Wedding has really inspired some manufacturers it would seem. Where do I start – at the commemorative pair of gnomes, the sticker book or the fridge freezer? You’ve got to see it to believe it. Tempted anyone?

The best memorabilia related story I have read so far has got to be the right royal faux-pas with what should have been just another run of the mill artefact produced to mark the occasion. The picture says it all. No, look again. Closely.


Everyone loves a good wedding though. Especially this one. An extra day off and extended pub opening hours – who can complain really? So how will you be spending it?

If you’ve not received your golden ticket to Westminster Abbey, why not try the Best Western Westminster Hotel, Nottingham instead? You are invited to its Royal Wedding street party. At £16.50 per person, it’s cheaper than a new hat anyway!

But, if you’re just looking to avoid all things wedding or want to watch it somewhere other than home, we’re offering you the chance to getaway for up to 25% off the normal cost. And, with such a range of hotels on offer, you can try something old or something new. Take a look - it’s a great excuse to treat yourself!

With less than a month till the big day, it’s really not long until we can all raise a toast to the happy couple and, more importantly, until we find out about THE dress, THE shoes and THE cake(s). Any guesses? We’ll just have to wait and see!


  1. Kirsty, good luck for your wedding, and please ignore Catherine trends…there will be loads of people who will be going for copies of the dress etc. Your groom is marrying you because you are you Stand out from the crowd for YOUR special day ;-D

  2. I am trying to find a list of alternative events in London tomorrow for a blog post for those sneering people who cant see 29th April as an excuse for a party and a day off at the very least..and came across your post. Is the mug real?Hilarious

  3. The mug was indeed a genuine mistake! We have quite a few events going on around the Royal wedding, but no events as such for those wanting to escape it.

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