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Muddy, Moshing, Madness

So, the summer heatwave has turned into the summer deluge, the golden garden tan has disappeared into a pasty grey and the summer flip flops have been replaced with puddle trudging wellies, which means only one thing, festival season is in full swing!

Glastonbury may have been a fantastic event with a little less rain than in recent years, but with the amazing Beyonce performance a mere buzzing in our tinnitus suffering ears we need to look forward to the fantastic festivals that are yet to come.

If you are lucky enough to have tickets to V Fest, Reading, Leeds or Bestival, I don’t want to dampen your spirits, but it looks like lazy days of lounging around listening to great live bands, sipping on a pint of cider with the sun on your skin is out of the question. Mud baths, soggy pints and the drowned rat look seem to be a much more likely occurrence in 2011.

There is nothing worse than crawling into a tiny tent that is not too dissimilar to a canvas coffin, dripping wet and praying that the liquid that was thrown through the crowd and splashed in your eye wasn’t of the bodily kind!

So, why don’t you take my advice for festival comfort and book into a hotel for the nights before and after the festival (one night of sleeping in a tent is definitely enough to give you the true festival feel)? Not only will you get a comfy bed and breakfast included, but you could make a short break of it and return to work refreshed and ready to regale your colleagues, the receptionist and even the postman with tales of your festival fun!

Do you have any festival top tips? Let us know your secrets to the perfect festival experience

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