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MoonWalk Blunder

For anyone who knows me, they will be well aware that I love to get involved in anything, whether it is a sporting activity, fundraising event or just a simple night out, I am pretty much always the first one to accept!

So, this time last year when my friend found herself facing the 26.2 miles of The MoonWalk in London by herself due to her friend’s pregnancy (genius get out idea!), I volunteered to step in and take the leisurely stroll around London.

After booking the time off work, doing a few training sessions and sorting out our outfits we set off to London ready to pound the streets with our not quite perfected power walking wiggles.

Considering everything had run pretty smoothly up until now our luck had well and truly run out. Firstly our plan to drive down to London from York with plenty of time to spare, got off to a very bad start with my “late for everything” friend, who shall not be named, turning up well over an hour after we should have set off!

Eventually making it down to London in one piece (forgetting about the nearly burst bladder from missing the last services) we managed to find a free parking space – result! Yes, but only if you remember where you parked.

After scranning down our pasta and decking ourselves out in our walking gear we were really starting to get in the spirit of the event listening to the inspiring stories and singing along to the warm up acts.

The walk went extremely well until around mile 17 when we were drained to within an inch of our lives and could hardly look at each other, never mind speak to each other. I would like to add that this was not because of the event, which was fantastic; it was more to do with our lack of training and sleep!

After crossing the finish line and eventually remembering where the car was parked we headed off (well I nodded off) for a well deserved sleep at the Best Western Premier Blunsdon House Hotel in Swindon – the only part of the adventure that we actually managed to plan correctly!

Arriving so early in the morning our rooms weren’t ready yet so we hobbled over to the bar, stared into space for a long time and then ordered the most delicious club sandwich in an attempt to wake ourselves up.

Being close to falling asleep right there in the bar, we could have literally slept anywhere, so it was amazing to be shown to our interconnecting rooms with four poster bed, living room, huge bathroom and balcony, where we quickly closed the interconnecting door (we had had enough of each other by then) and fell asleep for hours! Perfect way to end an exhausting 48 hours.

For some reason, and I do keep asking myself why, we are doing The MoonWalk again in May with another recruit (we have told her that there is a Selfridges personal shopping experience half way round!), but this time we are travelling down the night before and making the most of another Best Western London hotel during our time down there.

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