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Leaving, on a jet plane. Win 30,000 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles


To celebrate the launch of our partnership with Virgin Atlantic, which means members of our loyalty programme, Best Western Rewards®, can earn 500 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles for every qualifying Best Western stay, we’re giving you the chance to win 30,000 of them.  That’s enough to leave (on a jet plane!) to New York… who knows when you’ll be back again!

Exclusive to Rewards members

Close Date: 30th June 2011

How to win:

Just watch our Best Western style remake of the iconic 25th anniversary Virgin Atlantic advert and answer the following question:

Terms and conditions 

Entries must be submitted via the blog page on by midnight 30th June 2011. You must be at least 18 years old and a member of Best Western Rewards® to enter. All correct entries will be entered in the draw and winner selected at random. The winner will be notified by email within 14 days of the closing date. The prize is 30,000 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles which will be credited to your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account. 30,000 miles is enough to redeem a one-way flight to New York, however the winner can choose to use the miles anyway they like. The winner is responsible for their own taxes. No cash alternative will be available and the prize is non transferable. The equivalent number of miles cannot be added to an alternative Flying Club account.

Promoter: Best Western Hotels, Consort House, Amy Johnson Way, Clifton Moor, York YO30 4GP.


  1. Please enter me in your competition

  2. I have plans to travel but I need 30,000 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles!

  3. Miles would be nice

  4. Next stop HongKong

  5. I have plans to travel too. Not enough Flying Club Miles.

  6. I’m looking forward to my lovely long haul trip with Virgin.

  7. Can I fly with that crew please?!

  8. Please enter me in your competition

  9. Great Idea…Flights and Hotels go well together.

  10. Thats brilliant, I’m already a member of virgin flying club, now I can get my upgrade quicker, just by staying at a Best Western.


  12. Put the sunglasses back on .The Best Western Santa Monica here I come.

  13. Great idea please enter me

  14. Heres Hopeing i win lol

  15. In vogue with life Beat Western knowns the way,
    In truth we admit we look forward to our stay,
    In comfort we enjoy
    So every girl and boy
    fly Virgin all the way

  16. Handy to collect for a long haul !

  17. Besr Western are great value always.

  18. Please enter me into your competition. Sounds Fab’ I should be so lucky!! But as the saying goes, Have to be in it – to win it.

  19. So pleased you have teamed up with Virgin, they are SIMPLY THE BEST.

  20. Is there a best western on St Lucia?

  21. What a wonderful 80th birthday gift it would be – A Best Western hotel and a Virgin flight !

  22. Great idea , if I get enough time off work to enjoy it – when I win!

  23. Hotel Richmond in Blankenberge, Belgium is great

  24. Recovering after breaking by leg, so looking forward to a trip away!

  25. Oh, to be dressed in classy red and heading to the fantastic Big (red!) Apple..mmmm..

  26. I dont know what a blog page is

  27. heres hoping

  28. Would be good to revisit the’Big Apple’ after 30 years & take my wife who has never been

  29. please enter me in your competition and i promise i will stay in a Best Western again!

  30. brilliant idea

  31. Great ad and nice appeal to male and female…well done Best Western and Virgin. Great idea too.

  32. Please enter me in your competition

  33. Fantastic combination – Best Western and Virgin Atlantic. Have always used both.

  34. What a great combination – Virgin Atlantic and Best Western Hotels!

  35. What a sensible rewards scheme

  36. Great prize hope I win!

  37. I also need 30000flying club miles for a planned trip, so this is great! Looking forward to my first virgin longhaul trip this summer!

  38. Can I Have 24hr work experience with the Virgin crew

  39. Had to find my calculator

  40. good news a free flight with virgin

  41. If you are wanting to enter the competition please fill in the details in the above post.
    Good luck!

  42. Unfortunately we don’t yet have a hotel on St. Lucia, but we have lots of other hotels in lovely destinations.

  43. The rewards are mine!!

  44. Looking forward to the flight

  45. Added to my rewards points, I’ll be able to travel far.

  46. Best advert going

  47. Watch completly ever time i see the commercial

  48. I will stick with the hotel points please. My last flight on Virgin was awful!

  49. i,m leaving on a jet plane, don,t know when i,ll be back again…

  50. Hi – fly please

  51. crossed fingers im lucky. a nice break away would be lovely

  52. Wonderful prize hope it’s mine

  53. Haven’t see any girls in red like that on the Virgin flights that I have been on. Also agree with Chris, last flight back from Vegas with Virgin was terrible.

  54. Great to see little old Chester so prominent in your advertisement. It makes sense though – we have lots of American/Japanese/Spanish/French tourists coming here on a regular basis, so perhaps there is plenty of room left in their countries!

  55. VIRGIN VIRGIN so Good I Named it twice!!!

  56. I am looking to go to Rome in November 2011

  57. 30000 points to win, need to enter so i’m in. If I get to take the flight, Virgin is a great delight. to top it off we get to stay, with best western for a day….

  58. Nice.

  59. Love the Big Apple!

  60. Mmmm… can I take the pilot with me, please?

  61. We will see what we can do if you win Kate!

  62. good advert

  63. Best Western and Virgin?
    I’m glad they’re mergin’!

  64. Virgin Air – travelled to New York in the first week it existed – would love to go to the big apple again!

  65. Ive still to take my wife on a dream honeymoon. 30000 air miles would be a dream come true

  66. Good scheme!

  67. I have won thank you very much

  68. This makes staying at Best Western hotels even better and I should know as I have stayed in them on 80+ nights in the last 12 months

  69. Great Prize, here’s hoping.

  70. Great

  71. Australia here I come?

  72. Won’t get me across the pond to Las Vegas but its a help

  73. Gee could I be that lucky?

  74. An excellent addition

  75. We enjoy our stays in BW hotels, especially at the Shaftesbury Avenue in London. It is so central and the manager and staff make our stay very comfortable.

  76. Paradise island for 2 please?

  77. We are looking for a holiday in Rome later theis year

  78. I have found both Virgin and Best Western have vary good customer Awareness and cater very well for disable people

  79. These miles would be very nice!

  80. Best Western and Virgin a uion of two quilty outfits pukka

  81. Hats off to Best Western and Virgin Airlines, your the Tops.

  82. I hope to win

  83. Best Western, Best Hotels, Best Rewards, Best Airline Airmiles.

    Very Interesting Rewards Granted Individually Now.

    Best Extra Special Treats. We Enjoy Staying Together Earning Rewards Nightly

  84. Hope they have a good A&E close by the Chester hotel.

  85. Love Best Western – love Virgin!

  86. I really wanna win

  87. The Big Apple with Virgin Atlantic and Best Western. What an unbeatable combination!.

  88. Just back from BW Hotel at Lumbres and delighted that Virgin Atlantic have linked. Icelandic Volcano stopped our last Virgin flight to Washington so extra miles will encourage another attempt.

  89. Love the advert……….. great!!

    Virgin and Best Western – a great double act!!

  90. Please enter me !

  91. upgrade here I come!!!

  92. Winning would help towards my next upgrade

  93. Would like more miles … to enable me to see other Best Westerns across the globe!

  94. CONGRATULATIONS! Nigel Beaman is the winner of the 30,000 miles. An email will be sent out to you shortly.

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