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Organising groups of people can be stressful. Just trying to rally together a girly catch up with two other friends can take months from my experience. As soon as two of us are in agreement, the other texts back with: “I can’t make it. I’m washing my hair that day” or some other inconvenience that gets in the way of a glass (or two) of wine and a gossip. Back to the drawing board it is. We’re still trying to organise a birthday celebration from way back in February. We’re useless. It won’t be until next February that we actually get our acts together. With instances like this and friends like mine, the thought of organising groups of 12 or more doesn’t bear thinking about!

Despite all this though, I think it’s really important to come together as a group. Facebook ‘chats’ just don’t bear any resemblance to the real thing. And if you all have a mutual passion, why not come together and share the fun? As the saying goes, the more the merrier, right? And there are plenty of weird and wonderful groups out there to be a part of from Elvis enthusiasts to Scrabble addicts to transcendental Tai-chi and yoga devotees, from turkey and tinsel groups to those who go on mock cruises (yes, these do exist!) …..there really is a group for everyone. I don’t think there is anything our team haven’t heard yet but I don’t want to speak too soon. The Sausage Society could just be hiding round the corner. Now there’s a thought!

Thanks to this, ahem, ‘varied’ work load shall I say, two shiny awards now decorate the office here at Best Western as the team have just won ‘Most Group Friendly Hotel Chain or Group’ for the third time in four years. ( Hats off to them! With my track record, it would seem I couldn’t do what they do! So to celebrate their success, the groups team did what the groups team do best and organised a good old knees up. And rightly so, why should the pylon appreciation society have all the fun?!

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