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Valentine Cupcake

Here comes cupid with his credit card

Finally the longest month of the year is over – the month when everyone is short of cash and awaiting the drop of the big fat credit card bill from Christmas – hurrah everyone let out a little sigh of relief – February is here!

Well, now it’s the greeting cards companies turn to try their hardest to guilt you into spending your hard earned cash on your loved one. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day in just a few days time! It’s the one day of the year when those in love (and some in lust!) declare their passion for one another in the form of flowers, hearts, cards and being wined and dined.

My question is this: why do we need to put a date in the diary for this? Apparently no one is quite sure when and why Valentine’s Day started but I am pretty sure that the card companies are rather pleased it did. According to my friend ‘Wiki’ the first mention of Valentine’s Day is when Chaucer wrote ‘For this was on seynt Volantynys day, Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make.’ (For this was Saint Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate). Now I’m no bird watcher, but I am pretty sure that birds do not mate in February? Does anyone else know where it comes from?

Chaucer aside, I am a self confessed romantic – I cannot help it, it’s apparently in my star sign (I’m a Libra and I am told we are good at flirting, but a hopeless romantic!). I love romance and I love being romanced. To be honest I think I am pretty easy to please too (although my other half may disagree!) as it’s the little things that make the big difference with me.

However, I hate being forced into being romantic on one day of the year. I begrudge the red hearts everywhere you go and the expectation and build up to the 14th February. To be honest I find the whole thing rather embarrassing! For example, forget the meal out for two –  I’m not interested in sitting with a bunch of strangers while they try to declare their love for each other over a garlic bread (or Nan bread if you like it hot!) with a set menu and a high price tag. I hate the thought of being sat in a restaurant feeling uncomfortable with the pressure that tonight is the night for romance and everyone around you smiles uncomfortably knowing the same.

Anyway, back to me being a typical romantic. I am a girly girl and I love flowers and that is exactly what I received last year – oh and a diamond ring! Yes last Valentine’s Day my other half proposed to me with a diamond engagement ring. With such a romantic gesture how could he top it this year?!

The romantic in me says should we not just be in love with our chosen ones all year round? Why do we need to pick one day of the year to throw all our ‘love’ money at one another. Take the element of surprise and grasp the ‘spur of the moment’ by the horns and go for it. Have a night away in a hotel whenever the moment takes you. Why not just pick a date and go for it. Go on, enjoy yourselves!

P.S. Mark if you are reading this I’d like a girly bunch of flowers this year please and not from a petrol station!

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