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Ice Skating

Get your skates on!

Ice skating is one of those things that I believe I should be good at. I mean, I can ski ok and I never miss a week of Dancing on Ice so how hard can it be, right? Wrong! The reality is that the only thing me and the sequin-clad celebrity skaters have in common is that we both own a bottle of fake tan!

I have not braved the ice in a long time. I think the last time I went to an ice rink was when I mistakenly thought it would be a good place to go on a second date. Having watched the movies of starry-eyed couples romantically skating to music and her falling into his strong arms as she loses her balance, I thought – perfect! However, nothing ever goes as well as it does in the movies, does it?  To be honest it was more Bambi on Ice than Love Story and rather than looking into his eyes I spent more time face down in the ice trying to avoid some whizz kids slicing off my fingers or doing a rather good impression of an aeroplane coming into land!

Having said all that the snow here in North Yorkshire this week has definitely reignited my fire to take on the ice again. So, this winter I am going to once more risk my life and limbs and get my skates on.

Since my last unsuccessful attempt there have been so many more ice rinks pop up all over the country with lots of options. There are outdoor ice rinks, indoor ones, snow domes generating fake ice and now virtual ice skating!

My local one is the newly launched outdoor Christmas Ice rink in York. It’s right next to the Designer Outlet shopping centre which means that if all does not go to plan I can easily block it out with a spot of retail therapy.

If you’re looking for a southern one then the Capital has the iconic Alexandra Palace, which is definitely the place to polish the Ice Princess look! It is currently under refurbishment but it’s due to open in January 2011. I’m not sure how you refurb ice – is it not just frozen water? Anyway, with £2million spent I am expecting great things!

Although you may be dressed for the cold, the British weather is rather unpredictable so if you fancy skating indoors then there are a few to choose from. Nottingham has the National Ice Centre which has a double Olympic rink. Plus it’s had an investment of £43million – again how much does frozen H2O cost exactly?!

These are just the tip of the iceberg with lots more to try out before I give up on the dancing girl dream. Any ideas where I should try when I venture out into the cold?

Anyway I think I may have a little go from the comfort of my warm living room with the use of the Wii Sport first before I brave the real ice again.

NB. By the way, the date was as doomed as the ice skating!

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