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Finders really are keypers with £3,500 up for grabs this week


Today is the final day of our Finders Keypers competition! At the end of the week you could win £1,000 just by entering our online competition. It’s simple, just tweet or retweet the following on Twitter and you’re in with a chance of winning:

RT: @bestwesterngb I want to win £1,000 #finderskeypers

You can tweet every day to increase your chances of winning!

As well as the £1,000 prize we will be hiding a Golden Key in a different city across Great Britain every day this week worth a guaranteed £500.

Take a look at the clues below to find out where the Golden Key is hiding today. If you are the first person to find the key and tweet the code you will win a guaranteed £500!

If you don’t use Twitter you can enter via the comments section of the blog.

Clue 1.

In the city of 2 NW football clubs we are in a Premier entertainment venue! Find the Golden Key and tweet the code to win £500.


  1. I want to win £1000

  2. bestwesterngb I want to win £1,000 #finderskeypers

  3. The Golden Key is hidden at the location. You need you go along in person to find it.
    If the key isn’t in your city today, it may well be another day this week so keep and eye out!

  4. I want to win £1,000 #finderskeypers

  5. Is the key hidden on the web site or is it at the attraction meaning you have to be in the city to find the key

  6. You have to be in the city to find the Golden Keys.

  7. Todays Golden Key has been found. It was in Edinburgh Castle. Congratulations to @angelonfyre who has won £500.

  8. @bestwesterngb I want to win £1,000 #finderskeypers

  9. @bestwesterngb I want to win £1,000 #finderskeypers

  10. @bestwesterngb I want to win £1,000 #finderskeypers

  11. yes my daughter and i woudl love the opportunity to win so that we can enjoy a few days away.

  12. What a win it would be, if I could spend £1000 on my tea, I’ll pick you up at half past 3, we’ll have lasagna!

    So yes, I want to win £1,000 #finderskeypers .

    Have a great day.

  13. @bestwesterngb I want to win £1,000 #finderskeypers

  14. bestwesterngb I want to win £1,000 #finderskeypers

  15. @bestwesterngb I want to win £1,000 #finderskeypers

  16. @bestwesterngb I want to win £1,000 #finderskeypers

  17. RT: @bestwesterngb I want to win £1,000 #finderskeypers

  18. @bestwesterngb I want to win £1,000 #finderskeypers

  19. I want to win £1,000 #finderskeypers

  20. @bestwesterngb I want to win £1,000 #finderskeypers

  21. RT: @bestwesterngb I want to win £1,000 #finderskeypers

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